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Residual effects of foreign object (food) in respiratory tract

Yesterday I was taking a bite of pizza and somehow inhaled one seed of a hot pepper (the dried red pepper seeds that are often sprinkled on pizza).  I coughed hard for several minutes, until my voice was hoarse.  It has been about 30 hours and I am not experiencing any trouble breathing nor any noticeable wheeze, but my throat is extremely irritated and I have nearly lost my voice entirely.  I have a persistent cough, but a softer cough- the cough feels like a response to the mucous in my throat.  

I do not currently have health insurance, (laid off, unemployed) so I would like to know if it is absolutely necessary to see a doctor, as there is no way I can afford a chest x-ray or surgery out of pocket, and would have to go to the ER in order to be seen (massive debt + national burden).  

As long as I continue to breathe normally and not have a fever, should I wait and see if I can cough this thing up?  Or is it very important that I see a doctor quickly?
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