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Respiratory Disorder: Question


I have been suffering from a chronic, clear productive cough and dyspnea for over six months.

These symptoms appeared following a repeated occurence of bronchitis, which was likely spawned from heavy exposure to allergens (dust mites) and mold.

I have undergone a chest x-ray and many tests for asthma, all of which have come back normal. However, eosinophils have been detected in my sputum.

As such, I am currently taking two inhaled Corticosteroids (Nasonex and Alevsco) as well as a drug to treat GERD (Pantoloc). Unfortunately, I have not responded to any of the medication and my symptoms persist.

I'm, therefore, wondering if you have any thoughts or suggestions for possible causes of my symptoms and/or tests that can be conducted to further explore this issue.

Thank you so much for your help and time!
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Eosinophils usually mean allergies/allergic asthma...did the docs do a skin test or blood tests for allergies? That way the allergens can be identified and you can get allergy shots to cut down on your lung problems as well. I take it they did methacholine challenge testing on you as well along with your lung function tests? Here is another way to monitor your airways, do peak flow tests daily to see where you are sitting as far as your numbers go. Check them before exercise, after exercise...see if there is a reduction in numbers. Peak flow monitors are relatively cheap and portable.
I am not a doctor so please take what i say lightly...just a fellow asthma sufferer. I hope that this helps some...Sunny
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Thanks, Sunny!
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