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Respiratory infections one after another, while vitamin levels are ok

I have respiratory infections al lot since december 2018. Never had this problem before. I Am 58 yrs old (female).  Have been on a diet for yrs, lost 14 kg. Had to loose weight . Since january this year (2019) it went wrong, respiratory infection after respiratory infection. Each time it seems worse then the time before.
I thought 1 night I wouldn't survive the winter, that was how bad it was. Each time I stayed home for weeks and slept, slept. Then summer came, it went finally away. Stress related things happened, and there it was again - in the middle of the heat of the summer. I hate antibiotics, but went to my housedocter, she gave me amoxilline. In a total of 9 days. It finally healed. This is weeks ago. Two days ago I had to bike through the city to pick up something, and after a while,  suddenly became very tired,had to bike home.  Next day I felt the infection again. Stress is at the moment  in my life - that could be a cause, I started dieting a bit last days, that is possibly a cause too, and becoming to tired of biking ??!!

It seems to start all the time at the same place in my chest, and than both ears , the richt side of my neck. It looks like dieting is not an option for me anymore, nor to hard exercise, and stress is bad for me too. How can I live this way !
Background: I take a multivitamine for months now, as well as extra vitamin C and D3.  I feel a bit stronger, but this doesn''t keep the infections away on itself. The housedocter tested some vitamin levels, they are all good. My immune system seems to be worn out. My feeling about these symptons is : it is very dangerous.  More background:  Lost  weight, from 2017- 2019 then this appeared. The infection stop everything I do - it stops my life again and again,  and I feel very bad about it,  Housedocters in the Netherlands are not very cooperative in researching. I think I have to manage to get tests like the IgG and IgG3. Maybe it is CVID ? Why are my lungs and respiratory organs so vulnarable suddenly ! Why is my immune system completely down while my vitamin levels are ok !
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Hello,  I am sorry you haven't gotten an answer just yet.  I'm sure this is very frustrating.  Have your doctors given you any indication at all for your weakened immune system's origin?  Are you working with an infectious disease doctor?  Weakened immune system can be idiopathic, unfortunately which means no known origin. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/primary-immunodeficiency/symptoms-causes/syc-20376905  and  https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/09/090914111540.htm.  Have you had any other blood tests done to examine your T cells?
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