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Sanded Without a Mask

I did a seriously stupid thing the other day. I don't do any type of woodworking (usually). But I bought a white cedar small table for the backyard, used Minwax finish (the oil type, not water). I ended up resanding it after the Minwax was on, and - here's the stupid part - didn't wear a mask at all. My lungs immediately felt heavy, and I coughed constantly for a week. I also have very mild asthma. I used my inhaler this past week on a daily basis, and seem to finally be much better today - a week after sanding the table. Obviously I should have worn a mask, and trust me - if there's a next time I definitely will. But is there a chance I did some damage, or run the risk of anything serious from my stupid mistake? I was outside at least, sanding by hand. But I sanded the crap out of this table.
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