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Severe fatigue and other issues

Hello, I apologize ahead of time if this isn't directly Respiratory related, but you were so nice and helpful last year when I asked you about my mothers condition that I thought you may help me again, please?

I'm a 34 yr old male who stands 5'10" and 292 pounds.  I have lost 15 pounds thus far through daily exercise.  I decided to step up my exercise a notch and do an hour a day more intensely.  For a few weeks I was handling it quite well---good energy, feeling great, but then one day I started to feel a little knot in my upper stomach and a suppression in my desire to eat..I though it was because the exercise endorphins were kicking in and that was a good thing...but after about the 3rd day, after my exercise session, I feel very weak and fatigued...every time I walked up my stairs, my heart pounded too hard, I felt short of breath and kept getting stomach rushes and dizzy spells.  Some of these things subsided slightly after a few days, but I began to crave sugar like you wouldn't believe, I feel like i need to eat more than I should (even though I feel nauseated) it's because my energy feels so low--- even after a full week of complete rest, my severe fatigue and nausea grow worse and I feel lightheaded and disconnected all the time.   I feel extremely bad, main symptoms being severe fatigue, a knot in my upper stomach, nausea...I am able to eat, but food doesn't seem appealing yet at the same time i feel like I need more of it due to my low energy.   Right now I'm awaiting some lab results---my ekg and chest xray were normal,  but if my labs come back normal, then what?   I feel so bad I just don't know what to do but almost cry and I don't do that
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The symptoms you describe are worrisome.  The combination of “severe fatigue and nausea” suggests that the unfamiliar intensity of exercise, perhaps combined with insufficient dietary intake of calories, fluids and electrolytes may have led to a serious imbalance of your metabolism.

You mention that you are “awaiting some lab results” and that is a good thing.  That testing should be fairly comprehensive to assess kidney function, liver function, sugar metabolism etc.  You could, for example have developed some type of gastrointestinal disorder, related or unrelated to your exercise program (for example, pancreatitis), be dehydrated, experiencing hypoglycemia or a low serum potassium, any of which should be detected by such blood tests.

At this moment, it is important that you be in close touch with your doctor or the doctor who ordered the blood tests to bring him/her up to date on how really bad you feel and to assure that both he/she and you get the laboratory results as soon as they are available.

I am concerned about the severity of your symptoms, and the fact that they seem to be worsening.   If you have not been seen by a doctor, either your doctor or an ER doctor within the past 24 hours, I strongly suggest that you arrange to do so and be taken to the appointment by a relative or friend, as it may now not be safe for you or others, for you to drive.

Good luck
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PPS--- I have a blood sugar monitor,  I have checked it many times and it is not running too low or too high
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