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Shortness of breath, numbness, chest pain - What could be causing these symptoms?

I'm a 29 year old male who is in relatively good shape and I also eat fairly healthy. About 4 months ago, I started having trouble catching a deep breath. It started when I was at work (office job) and it would happen for about an hour at a time, but then go away. Then it started getting worse to the point where it was happening multiple times throughout the day, and now it is almost constant.

I'm also having numbness in my hands and occasionally in my feet, as well as pressure and pain in the left side of my chest that could almost be described as a burning pain. On top of that, a couple of days ago, I randomly got a fever that got as high as 102 and it lasted for around 2 days. I didn't have any other flu-like symptoms, so I'm not sure if it was related to the other issues or not. I'm back to a normal body temp now. I'm really worried that I could have something serious, but I'm at a loss. I've seen 4 different doctors and they can't seem to find any issues so far. Here are the tests that each of them gave me:

Primary doc - Gave me a full panel blood test. The only thing that showed up abnormal was my TSH (thyroid) level was a bit high, meaning my thyroid was a bit underactive. He didn't think it was far enough off to be concerned about. He referred me to a pulmonologist for the breathing issue.

Pulmonologist - Took a chest X-ray that was normal except the doctor noticed a shadow next to my heart, so she ordered a CT scan thinking there could possibly be air around my heart. The CT scan showed no air around the heart and no other significant issues. She also had me do a pulmonary function test, which showed that my lung function was pretty much in the normal range.

Endocrinologist - Because my TSH level was slightly off, I went to see a thyroid specialist. He did some bloodwork and felt my thyroid gland. The bloodwork came back normal and he said my thyroid felt completely normal. The thyroid doc recommended I see a cardiologist next to rule out any heart issues.

Cardiologist - The cardiologist did an EKG and it turned out normal with no issues. They also did a stress echocardiogram w/ultrasound, and the doctor said my heart looked great and he saw no issues at all.

I'm still having all of the symptoms and they seem to be getting worse. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? A couple of doctors have brought up stress and anxiety as a possible cause, but I really don't feel like that's the case. I'm a very laid back guy and I'm probably the least stressed I've been in the last 10 years, aside from these medical issues! I'm at a comfortable place in my life so stress and anxiety don't seem like factors to me.

I'm getting married later this year, and I really want to be feeling well. Any help or comments would be appreciated.
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I comment just to let you know your post is being read.

Very strange, and it is on surprise no one has come up with an answer given the many doctors and specialist and tests you have undergone.

One test I ran myself at home what my oxygen saturation level, I purchased a Oximeter - goes on the finger like a cloths pin and give the oxygen saturation and heart rate.  I had several reasons and one was problems with breathing expecially when sleeping.  Tests I made at night showed a low saturation level... further testing under the supervisions of doctors disclosed I suffer from mild obstructive sleep apnea.  

I assume your doctors measured your oxygen saturation level when you were in the office.  I too always got good readings at the doctor's office.  My first real test was an overnight recording Oximeter record which was reported to my primary care doctor.   As said, I have mild obstructive sleep apnea, but low oxygen in the blood could cause many of the symptoms you mention, I believe.
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Hi Jerry, thanks for your comment. I've been to see a respiratory doctor a few times within the last couple of months and they have tested my oxygen levels each visit. Each time it was 100% - it might be worth checking out overnight though.
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I know this post is pretty old but im having all the same symptoms with no answers from drs, the same as you had! Just wandering if you ever got any answers and if you still have these problems??
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