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Shortness of breath

I started complaining of shortness of breath about a year ago. I was a California resident at the time. I went to a local Doctor who diagnosed me with a collapsed lung (left side) that he felt were related to an inflammation discovered during a test. He gave me some steroids. We had to stop that because of my type 2 Diabetes’s violent reaction. And I took several other medications without any effect. According to that doctor my diaphragm activity was normal. After moving to Atlanta I saw another Doctor who informed me that my left diaphragm was paralyzed and a sniff test showed a pronounced contradictory motion of my diaphragms. On brisk aspiration my right diaphragm is moving down, the left one moving up further reducing the volume of my left lung. The Doctor tell me that he does not have a clue of the cause of the left lung diaphragm paralysis, that it is not related to the anterior cervical discectomy that I recently received to relive a pain and partial paralysis of my left arm. The doctor also insists that there is no remedy to my situation except tagging the faulty diaphragm to some other mass to stop the contrary motion. He also insists that a recovery is not possible. I am very frustrated and flatly refuse to accept the fact that I would have to live for the rest of my life not being able to do any strenuous exercise or even just to walk a flight of stair without gasping for air. A trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota last summer was a royal pain because of my inability to adapt to even a small change of altitude.
Is there any solution to my problem? Or any avenue left to explore for a possible solution? Thank you for your help.
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