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Should I see a doctor immediatly or probalby will be fine if I just quit smoking?

I caught a cold a couple months ago. All symptoms have long since gone away other than this daily cough that results in throwing  up. It happens once a day, every single day.
I have been a light smoker for 25 years and realize this could add to or be the main source of my problem. As dumb as this might sound after saying Ive been a smoker 25 years, I also often feel short of breath. Several times daily i gasp a strange involuntary gasp for air. Do you think I need to see a doctor immediately or just relax and quit smoking? I never feel like I have quite enough air. This cough until I throw up thing happens almost daily but just once per day and has been since about early March. The involuntary gasp for air started several years ago, just is much worse now. At night I dream about not having enough air and often wake up with swollen fingers.
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