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Soap smell that nobody else can smell but me

I was diagnosed with candida 2 weeks ago. I was taking 2 antibiotics and they were strong I took them both in the same week thats how i got the candida. I woke up one morning with what i thought was the metalli taste/smell and then it didn't go away i ended up with a white tongue. When this first started I was complaining that i was allergie to something in my neighbors trees or bushes because i could smell this musty smell and my room mate thinks its just me because she don't smell it. The smell has changed to a soapy smell that i get once in awhile like every few mins and it disturbs my driving to it is sometimes over powering and it makes me mad when I am driving and almost makes me sick in the stomach.
I was told by a dear friend that I may have sinusitis,would this be the cause of the soapy smell that I can smell but nobody else does ?
Could this be sinusitis ?
I want to check with my doctor but I haven't yet so I was wondering if I should talk to him about it. I did ask him about it when I was dignosed with candida but he never answered me.
Thank you Kindly,

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