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Sobbing Breathing Spasms in Child ONLY during sleep

When my son was 8 weeks old, he started to breath strange during his sleep.  Almost like he was trying to catch his breath.  It sounds like the quick breathing after someone has cried ALOT.  But my son was sound asleep and hadn't been crying.  I called 911 and by the time the ambulance got here, my son had awoken and stopped the episode.  Everything was fine, I was relieved!   I brought this up to his pediatrician who told me that he was "having bad dreams" and not to worry.  Each appointment, I would mention this and I always got the same answer.  My son is now 3 1/2 years old.  Last Summer, I noticed he was doing this more frequently.  I took some videos and showed my pediatrician.  She told me to "Just ignore it".  I went to the internet and contacted a sleep specialist in Boston.  My pediatrician didn't want us to go but gave us the referral.  The sleep specialist thought it may be sleep apnea, after looking at our videos.  I want to mention that my son seems to have these episodes in the early morning only.  Usually around 6am.  We did the sleep study which ended at 5am.  My son didn't have an episode that they could monitor.  They told us he does not have sleep apnea.  They told us to follow up with an ear nose and throat specialist.  My pediatrician was against this.  She did not want him to be scoped because they were questioning laryngomalacia.  She recommended us to go to an Ear Nose and Throat person she likes.  She spoke with him before hand and when we went to the appointment.  He sat me down and told me that it could be laryngomalacia but it wouldn't matter if it was or not, that my child may or may not grow out of whatever this is, he wasn't sure and he is not concerned.  He told me that this was "the end of the road".  I felt like I was talking to my pediatrician.  It was very disappointing.  I switched my pediatrician shortly after.  The Sleep Study was in November 2015.  My hopes were that my son would outgrow this.  He just recently has had these episodes more than once during his sleep a night and they seem to last longer.  I am very concerned.  If anyone has any information or who has gone through this with an older child, please comment below.  My son is going to see a neurologist in May to rule out any possible neurological illnesses.  His symptoms are:  Sobbing episodes early morning during sleep.  Does not happen every night.  Sometimes we may have a whole week of no episodes.  Then a week of constant episodes.  The past 2 days, more than one episode a night.  Can something be triggering this?  I've been told it can't be allergies by many doctors.  I have tried eliminating certain foods, changing our detergents, lotions I use on him.  When these episodes occur, my son is not getting the sleep he needs.  How can I "ignore" this?
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