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Straining to complete yawn, yawning all day, feel i just need a deep breath.

I have had this problem for a long time, but in the last year it has gotten worse and I cant stand it.  I regularly go through periods where I feel the need to yawn or get a deep breath and I just cant. I try and try over and over to yawn (causing me to get head aches), and finally accomplish it just to need  to yawn again. I am a sleepy person all the time,  but  the  straining  to yawn thing  makes me  crazy! I also have increasingly bad short term memory problems (at only 25), could this be connected to the yawning, and lack of oxygen to the  brain? could I  have asthma?  thank you so much for any help you can give me.
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Hi, I've had this problem for 7 months. My problems include not being able to yawn, a lump in my throat, and not being able to take a deep breath.
#1 I don't know how some of you have lived with this for so long, it's very very frustrating.
#2 Thank you everyone for posting things on here. It helps knowing that I'm not alone.
#3 After reading many of these suggestions, I kept on seeing certain disorders popping up. I have had a few of these: anemia, possible acid reflux, hypothyroidism and a pinched nerve. So after reading the anemia and acid reflux, I started taking the iron supplement I was taking prior to December. I stopped taking it bc I was taking another supplement that had iron in it and I didn't want to take too much. I also started taking Zantac, max strength 150mg. I don't know what to do about hypothyroidism and I was considering going to my chiropractor, but haven't bc the iron and Zantac HAVE WORKED!!!! This is a complete return to normal, it's absolutely amazing. I actually had some trouble getting a deep breath today, but I think it has to do with the altitude changes since we are vacationing in the smokies. All I did was take another iron tablet and I've had no problems all evening. If you are anemic, you don't have enough oxygen carrying blood cells in your body, therefore not getting enough oxygen. At least the last part of the sentence I believe is true.
#4 My doctor and nurse practitioner all have told me my lungs sound great, they can't hear anything wrong and I run 5 miles a day so it can't be anything severe. Well, they obviously don't have this issue so this is why I had to turnto the Internet.
Thank you all for your posts. They've helped me out so much. Good luck!
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Jenny from Israel and I do not know good English, so I did a translation of Google - get the spelling mistakes in understanding
34 suffered from terrible suffering from age 7
I made all the possible types of tests and everything is normal
What I have to add all what I read this forum like this
1: There is no doubt that some of those who suffer from this problem is due to his anxiety - problems in the neck - Heart - Thyroid
2 no doubt that those who suffer from it do not understand what it is, so all offers of breathing through the nose and throat and eyes That Chinese and Thai breath that crap better not to offer them this problem that has nothing to do
3 there's a reason organic and have not found it (up to ten years ago thought that ulcers came from stress ..)
4 We are sick is wrong that no one opened a web site with a list of thousands! People who suffer from it and sent it to all doctors in their country and to all medical researchers, articles, TV, etc.
Must! Raise public awareness that
You know that if we do not address it and be proactive researchers and doctors to check it out at least some of our children will this hell
(I'll deal with it in Israel)
My theory:
The brain called the pituitary gland have - pituitary gland secretes hormones and 12 in close contact with the adrenal gland also secretes several substances
 I think one of the substances secreted secreted too much (some materials are complicated for testing)
 Then it causes problems in dopamine - Serotonin - Nitric oxide causes great yawn, then the body lowers the level of dopamine - Serotonin - Nitric Oxide by Wild sympathetic system does not yawn and then it repeats again and so the initial condition
Short cycle is difficult to leave without finding the problem first thing

Again the problem is not the dopamine / serotonin but too Hormones

 I did not examine the issue of intestinal worms and it sounds interesting
The cervical spine problems makes sense

Explanation for the symptoms of all
In the early years is a small problem (?) Only of breath because of the material secreted and then it starts to be a problem with the disruption of dopamine, etc.
That Mohammed food / stress / anxiety because it raises / lowers the level of dopamine / serotonin in the blood
It gets off to sleep - that sleep has a high prolactin dopamine contradicts the?
We concentrate on something interesting (TV / Internet, etc.) it gets better - increases the concentration of dopamine and serotonin in the brain!
(Just a question for men - Have you noticed that anyone with that problem has increased sexual activity?

I have no doubt he will find a solution with a small ball that blocks the unnecessary provision

Prayer to God who will have the problem and solution
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It sounds a little like how I feel when my blood sugar is low.  I am a diabetic.  I also yawn a lot.  I have anxiety issues as well.
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yeh im getting the same feelings im thinking its depression so im going to the doctors tomorrow to check it out.I have only started having this problem for about 2 weeks now and i see what ur saying i start to have panic attacks and i feel aswell like im going to have a heart attack,also at times i feel as if when i breathe its like i havent taken a breath and that just makes the panic attack worse.It makes me feel bad cause i can just randomly get a panic attack from not being able to breathe just by sitting with friends as soon as nothing is happening (i dont like to tell them i just go home when it happens, but that makes me feel bad because its like its controlling me) im even staying up all night having a panic attack like a couple of nights ago i had a panic attck all night didnt sleep and had work that morning worst day ever.But hopefully this can be treated it will feel nice to feel normal again
This is exactly what I am experiencing.  I am a 46 yr old male I had a pretty active job (lift a lot of weight and walk a fair amount).   2 years ago I had a heart attack and for about 1.5 years I had bad chest pain and constant arm pain which doctors thought was panic and anxiety attacks.  Then just 2 months ago I had 2 more heart attacks back to back.  I am on several medications for high blood pressure and I was just put on Effexor 37.5 mg.  Since I was put on the Effexor I am now having the exact breathing problems your having.  
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I can totally see this!!  I have the same thing, since october I've had the breathless feeling, and the one thing that makes it easier to get the breath or yawn I need is to ignore it as long as I can - basically breathing less - and it makes it easier to get the breath after.  I've always felt like it was something to do with oxygen in my blood - not enough or something.  I also work in a humid environment so that makes you feel the need to breathe more too.  I'm going to try what you suggest with holding my breath and see how it works.  Thanks!
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Forget about medication. Traditional medicine is unnatural, treats only the symptoms and not the core issue and it always always has side effects. If you must, try alternative or holistic medicine. But know that ultimately, most diseases begin and are caused by stress and anxiety. Find something that relaxes your mind, once a day, every day. Take time for yourself. Some people do yoga, some meditate, others exercise. It doesn't really matter. Find a way to "reset" your system every day and think good, wholesome, positive thoughts. or think nothing at all. We live in an unnatural environment. The best way to heal is to go back to nature once in a while. So ideally, take a walk outside, relax and just observe nature. Let the healing power of nature take over, and carry you to good health. All the best. N.P.
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Its really weird i feel like i cant get enough air. Im yawning to get that breath i need. Also i noticed that if i drop my head bellow my heart can breath better. I have been doing yoga for five years almost everyday and i can't understand why im feeling like this. Some say its past events that trigger panic we are talking years ago is that possible.
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Its really weird i feel like i cant get enough air. Im yawning to get that breath i need. Also i noticed that if i drop my head bellow my heart can breath better. I have been doing yoga for five years almost everyday and i can't understand why im feeling like this. Some say its past events that trigger panic we are talking years ago is that possible.
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Please go to a pulmonary doctor and or regular physician and get tested for oxygen level.  

I am having the same problem, and turned down the air conditioning, which helps.  Sitting up or standing up also seems to help a little.  I took an antidepressent and it also seems to have helped.  

I had a severe radiation pneumonia a few years ago and it probably is from that but you are too young to have such a problem.  please get it checked out.  
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Hi there , after reading everyones comments, thoughts , suggestions  it has brought abit of ease to me as i to suffer with this strange problem ,
I first started getting it when omg didnt realize i had it this long but when i was 19 i am now 27  , it wasnt really bad at the start would happen very rarely over about 4 years but the past 3 it has gotten to be more frequent than anyfin that frequent that it feels the norm to me to have it??? I got very worried over it and went to the doctors and told her ( i didnt want to because i felt ashamed and stupid by saying it coz of it seeming like it being in my head )  but she just asked can i get myself out of it and when i said well yes sort of when im busy and dont think about it she said it will pass!  made me feel crappy because i knew something wasnt right surley this aint the norm? , i told a few friends but they dont understand just shrug it off as they think its just a yawning thing but it does make you feel like giving in like your guna die like something is very wrong with you its very worrying and scary i have it alot of the time where i have to sort of tell myself to calm down because i cant catch my breath for ages and then you finally get that deep breath it means everyfin and for the few minutes everyfins back to normal and then i start worrying about not getting my next one its a horrible circle never ending i have it before i got to bed i wake up fine and the first ( normal ) yawn will set it off as i will notice i caught the yawn properly , im not really in no situation to get nervous about things half the time as im a full time mum and these attacks will come whenever they feel like it from when im relaxing in the bath ,playing with the kids ,  walking , cleaning it is ANYTIME. I feel like whats the point sometimes to always have to deal with this :( people that dont have it will never understaand how down and scared it gets you , but i try and tell myself it cant be that bad if ive dealt with it for all these years alone to not worry and let it scare me but it always does ,  i am guna try the ideas on here as they seem very helpful and  the only help we can get for this condition  , i know now i am not suffering alone with it which has made me relax more , so thank you for that hope everyone finds their way of dealing with this and hopefully in the future this gets to be a  more known and solved problem x
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this sounds like deconditioning
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Have you had a doctor check your ears well? Or gone to an ear/nose/throat doctor? I was at the emergency room this morning with that being one of my symptoms; assuming it was maybe strep effects not passing after weeks later, but it turned into acute bronchitis and an ear infection. Ear/nose/throat and upper respiratory  issues can become very severe with little attention and action. I hope this helps somebody somewhere, I read this post when i couldn't figure out what my problem was.
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I also feel the need to yawn all the time and use to enjoy the little extra bit of air your body breaths in at the last second making your yawn complete. If you have the feeling of lack of oxygen I highly recommend wheat grass shots every day for a month strait. DONT MISS A DAY!    Its expense to go out and get them but if you grow your own and get the hang of it I truly believe it will help. ~Keegan Ratajczak
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Hey I have had all these exact symptoms for the past week. Yawning consistently to try to get a full breath but not being successful, deep breathing in between until I get a full breath every 5 minutesish. It has already led to a panic attack and I know it didn't start from stress but it did lead to the anxiety and panic of death, fear of losing control and so on. I've seen doctors as well who told me that my heart and lungs are fine and 100% which is extremely frustrating as well. After reading a good bit on panic attacks and this breathing thing, I really think mine might have been brought on by low iron. I'm starting today taking slow iron pills and will post again if I see any improvements on this horrible breathing dilemma. It would make sense though considering that when you have low iron you have a red blood count dificiency which red blood cells are what carry oxygen to the brain and nervous system. Again ill keep y'all posted if I see a difference because I understand that if I'm this frustrated after a week I can't imagine the frustration for longer. Thank you all for the messages it's been very helpful to read through.
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I haven't read through all of these comments yet; but I was happy to stumble across this website.  I have suffered through labored breathing issues on and off (but mostly on) for 20 years.  I first noticed the issue while I was exercising (lifting weights).  I went to the doc and was told it was asthma; but an inhaler made no difference. I learned to live with it and about 3 years ago I realized my problem became much worse (or more noticeable) at night after I had done a hard chest workout.  I would have to sit up in bed to try to take that deep breath that never came.

I also noticed the problem would worsen if I had some type of other upper body issue, such as a stiff neck.  Maybe the deep chest breathing causes the pain to worsen and interupts the deep breath? So I am optimistic that breathing exercises will help!
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I'm experiencing something very similar to what you described. I've got a mild cold (only sneezing and a slight runny nose) and have only been able to sleep 5 1/2 hours in the last 72. I'm a 54 year old woman with Multiple Sclerosis and some other health issues but have never NOT been able to sleep. I had an unrelated doctor appointment today and my blood pressure was a bit higher than is normal for me but I attributed that to the fact that they took it within 2 minutes of me walking from the parking lot into the building. Tonight, I took 2 prescription sleeping pills that have always worked before but still can't sleep. I tried lying down in my bed for well over 2 hours and doing relaxation techniques I've learned over the years but have not yawned or slept. I'm at my wits end and want and need a good nights sleep! Anyone have suggestions.....PLEASE???
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I went through the same thing. I've had this for 15 months so far constantly. Not just sometimes but all the time. I've tried Xanax and it helps but I think I need a larger dose. This is so frustrating and wish doctors could help
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Hi, I have been going through the same issues for the past 6 months.. Numerous  is it's to hospitals and all different types of medicine. Careful with the nexium while pregnant..  How are u feeling now that I am assuming u had the baby and are done the nexium?
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I have exactly the same- just wondering is it linked to wheat or dairy?
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3 years after your comment, I'm reading about other people's problems with yawning/sighing and trouble getting them out (or in as the case may be).  Just wondered how you made out, if you came to any firmer conclusion with additional medical advice in the last 3 years?  I'm 51, and have had this problem off and on for a couple of years, and felt we're kind of similar in terms of our age and symptoms.
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Are you OK?  I just read about the yawning problem because I've developed this myself.  I was just concerned about you, from what you said.  You were asking about hypnotherapists, did you find one? You might want to check out http://www.fhu.com
If you want to, feel free please to write me at ***@****.  
Take care,
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I'm from Brazil so please excuse my bad english. I have the same problem. Since it started I yawn incompletely many times in a row - always incompletely.
At the begining I didn't worry about it. But now my eyes started to water and I feel that there's something wrong with the pressure in my ears. For the first time I'm really preoccupied. Do you feel the same?
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"Hi, I've had this problem for 7 months. My problems include not being able to yawn, a lump in my throat, and not being able to take a deep breath.
#1 I don't know how some of you have lived with this for so long, it's very very frustrating."

I've had the exact same problems off and on for 2 years. And everyone should be relieved to know that these issues are almost always mental and brought on by anxiety. Unfortunately as sophisticated as our brains are they're also very primitive in some respects. Physically it's unlikely anything is wrong with you - but we'll get to that in a sec. Anxiety throws your natural breathing out of whack. Particularly when you're not focused on something so you notice this. And when it happens once - it's because of CO2 - you brain gets into a kind of negative feedback loop. The nore you focus on it, the worse it gets. It can lead to hyperventilation, panic attacks, etc. Now do you notice after a while when you calm down a bit you can then catch a deep breath? There is nothing wrong with your lungs. Just remember that. It's easy to go off on wild tangents thinking it's all kinds of physical problems - it's not, or rather exceedingly unlikely.

As others have mentioned the old breathing in an out of a paper bad - never plastic - can help regulate you're CO2 and calm you down. Belly breathing can help. Focusing on anything else - TV, games, music, reading, etc. Even just going for quiet stroll around the block can help a ton. Drinking stuff like Green or Chamomile tea also helps a ton too.

A massive help is L-Theanine - specifically Suntheanine, which is patented. Some L-Theanines are inert - which is no good. What is it you ask? It's the stuff found in green tea and it really does work - check out the Suntheanine website for more detailed info. In a nutshell it calms you right down but allows you to remain alert - so it's a great way to start off your day. I get mine from Swanson Vitamins online - because they carry Suntheanine very cheaply compared to most health food or vitamin stores. You want the 100mg tabs. 1 to 2 per day. They also carry a "Revitalizing Sleep Formula" you may want to check out - all natural, really good stuff.

Yes, GERD/Acid reflux can contribute to this. All that acid moving up into your esophagus causes that lump in the throat feeling. Antacid helps a lot. But mainly you really need to modify your diet and move from an acidic based to akaline based diet - in short cut out the junk and eat healthy :)
There's tons of info and charts out there on alkaline based diets and foods. You will notice the difference in as little as a week when you make the switch. Every day I drink a green smoothie that's almost completely alkaline based.

Also quit smoking if you haven't - that should be a no brainer. And lay off the booze. It's not so much the physical as the mental. It's a depressant and the last thing you need when you're anxious and/or depressed. When you're feeling better and healthier it's ok in moderation, wine with dinner, social drinks with friends but you should be cutting way back on it.

And speaking of depression, unless that's what you've been diagnosed with then it's anxiety - 2 different things. If your"depressed" because you need a - new/better - job, have money/spouse issues then odds are it's just anxiety and it'll clear up as things get better. However anxiety still causes loss of serotonin and all those other wonderful brain juices that keep us functioning autonomicaly. Try to keep busy too. When you're focused on other stuff all this stuff goes on autopilot so its less of a problem. And when you're honestly tired you'll sleep better anyway.

Excercise. Do it regularly. The reasons are too many to list here but suffice it to say it will not only help with this but every other aspect of your life. I myself row - there's no better combined strength and cardio exercise and I find the rhythm very relaxing.

"#2 Thank you everyone for posting things on here. It helps knowing that I'm not alone. "

You're not alone with this by a long shot so keep the faith, it will get better I promise you. Remember folks, some of it may be genetic, but a lot of it you have the power to control. It wasn't always there, and it's not always there. It's a sometime thing. It's beyond aggravating, depressing and sometimes scary but you can beat it or at least manage it...never forget that.  You will, however, have to put some effort in to make that happen.
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I just wanted to add, that this started when I was went through a period of extreme stress in my life - lost my job, was broke, etc. and that's when it started. Doc put me on anti-anxiety meds and Priolsec for 2 weeks. I went on an alkaline diet, went for a quiet walk twice a day, did breathing excercises and it cleared up pretty fast. Got a new job, kept up the good habits, no problems. A few months ago, fell out of good habits back into bad ones, some personal problems and stress building and bam, back to these problems again. And as I get back into good habits it goes away.

I also forgot to mention that I'm a bit iron deficient naturally and that can add to this - so you should get your blood iron levels tested, be aware of signs of anemia, get your serotonin and other levels all checked out too - complete workup, ECG, MRI, et al to rule out anything - MRIs can detect low serotonin and other problems. And go see an ENT to get checked for chronic sinusitis - a contributing factor to this problem, As well as a upper GI endoscopy.

So remember, as mentioned in my above post, good habits are really the key to beating this. Keep your chin up, you'll make out ok. :)
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The good news is HVS/Breathing Pattern Disorders are just that -- a disorder not a disease. The bad news is that it takes time, patience, and practice, practice, practice. There is no instant cure.

As you learn to normalize your breathing and so restore balanced carbon dioxide and oxygen levels, the unpleasant symptoms associated with over-breathing will subside. You can enjoy life again!

Getting help

Your doctor will be able to help.

B r e a t h i n g Works - Breathing Pattern Disorders Clinic and Resource Centre. Auckland. Tel 09 5221122.

                             Useful books;
          Hyperventilation Syndrome/Breathing Pattern Disorders.
·         Dinah Bradley (Random House 2007.)3rd edition.) (Kyle Cathie UK 2006)

·         Breathing Works for  Asthma. Dinah Bradley & Tania Clifton-Smith (Random House 2003)

·         Breathe Stretch & Move. Dinah Bradley & Tania Clifton-Smith (Random House 2005)

·         Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders.  Leon Chaitow, Dinah Bradley. Christopher Gilbert (Churchill Livingstone 2002
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You may be experiencing low level hyperventilation. I have dealt with this same exact feeling on and off again for 20 years. I didn't know how to stop it, sometimes it seemed related to anxiety but not always. Sometimes I would go for months without the feeling but it would always come back. It was irritating and frightening. Recently my husband found some information that put me on the right track. Previously I had thought that I was yawning because I "needed" a deep breath so I would often focus on taking calm, deep breath and completely expelling my breath, etc. But apparently all this time, I've been hyperventilating and my CO2 and Oxygen levels have been out of whack. What I needed to do was take regular, shallow breaths and resist the urge to fill my lungs.

The method I used is called Buteyko: 1) take a control pause - breath out completely and then pinch your nose and hold your breath as long as you comfortably can - 30 seconds is good but you will probably not be anywhere close to that. 2) Put your finger under your nose so you can feel your breath (not blocking it), now breath regularly and shallowly for 5 minutes. At first I felt like I was drowning during this step but my panic subsided after maybe a minute, probably less - it's just that I thought I needed a deep breath. 3) Now do another control pause - you may be able to hold your breath longer but don't worry if you can't yet. 4) Repeat the cycle three times twice a day.

My breathing has been messed up for 20 years and I did this exercise routine for two days and I am literally fine now. I don't want to jinx it but whenever I feel that need to yawn coming on, I can easily focus on shallow breathing and the urge goes away. And I AM able to yawn normally. I really hope this helps you because I know how awful it is to struggle with this problem. Good luck!
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Thank you!!
Its 5am and I still can't yawn.
I am literally ticking every theory of cause! anxiety,increased medication,a spasmed neck,meaning air is trapped and can't run down the spine as well a raised body temperature and rubbing my feet raw.
I did Art of living years ago and have been meaning to do a refresher course to re- learn the breathing and here it is!
Thank you!
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Didn't read all the comments, but have had this problem for years and recently figured it out (at least for myself) - and after SOB-induced panic attacks, feels worth sharing.

I'm fairly confident that this problem is almost 100% caused (initially) by chest-breathing and poor posture. It worsens with anxiety, lack of sleep, etc.

A couple years ago I started lifting weights, and with my increased pec/breathing muscle strength, it gave my poor hypertrophied anterior neck muscles a break, and breathing got better about 25% of the time.

A couple months ago, I realized how bad my posture was getting, and spent several days squeezing my shoulder blades together - hard, really contracting my rhomboids - and breathing got better almost 100% of the time.

I was so happy to figure out the problem, but kind of pissed that such a simple solution could have decreased so much stress/anxiety/physical discomfort for years.

Belly breathing helps too, but like holding my shoulders back and squeezing the blades together, it doesn't happen naturally for me, so these are things I'm constantly practicing. Over time, building up the right strength should do the trick, but until then, it's great to be able to just relax, put my shoulders back (think about how this opens up your chest, aligns your neck/head, and allows your lungs to expand), and take a deep and full breath. Hope this helps anyone looking for relief.
Caused by a lack of Vitamin B-1 - look it up.

In order to overcome these issues quickly you need a loading dose of B-1 or go take a B complex for a month and see if it helps.

The answer is so simple. We are lacking essential vitamins.
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For me, this only happens when I think about yawning or realize that I'm yawning and start thinking about it. It get quite annoying sometimes but as long as I'm doing something and/or distracted, I breathe normally. Does anyone else have this?
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I only have these yawning episodes when I think about yawning, (damn it thought of it again). But when when I am busy or distracted, I don't yawn at all and it starts up when I think about it again. Does anyone else have this?
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Actually this is for everyone. I have had an anxiety disorder since I was 16. Always had and still have those issues.
I had a heart attack at age 57 but while I was having it my breathing was fine. Too busy worried if I was going to drop dead!

So first get an Ok from your doctor, an ECG, listening to lungs and an ultrasound just for your own sanity.

The deep breathing is good for anxiety breathing. 5 in through your nose, hold it for 5 (not your nose, your breath) and 6 out of mouth. Do it in the morning and each night before bed. Actually anytime you feel anxious.
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has this went away for anyone?
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did any of this ever go away???
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When I was a little boy, I didn't notice it well till now that I have a son , that I have remembered the cause of not I being a brilliant in class.  
People with yawning ability or more yawn are not good in studies. But good in games ,when it comes  to studies they also feel boring and as if they carrying heavy load on their head.

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honestly kid  playing games helps a lot it takes your mind of things that you might be worrying about try playing Modern Warfare 2 or 3 good luck keep me updated
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This has happened to me too,just feels like i need a deep satisfying breath but can't do i figured out how to do it and once you do the feeling goes away cuz you know it's just anxiety, this is how i did it. If there is s way you can make yourself sneeze you will automatically get that satisfying deep breath cuz when you sneeze your body automatically does it. It absolutely works!
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I've had the same thing here's a simple but effective solution. ..when you feel you need a satisfying deep breath but can't seem to get it if there is s way you can make yourself sneeze that will automatically give you that deep satisfying breath, it works everyone for me and once you do it if will ease your mind and you'll find it happening less and less and I'm speaking if it's caused from anxiety. Try this out really does work cuz when you sneeze your body takes the deep breath automatically.
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Hi. I'm the original poster. It's been a long time since I started this post. What I have to say is that unfortunately as much as all of you who are dealing with it and for myself who is still dealing with it to some degree is that's it's truely all in the head. I wasn't able to get what I thought at the time a deep breath for almost 10 years. I started with the recommendation from someone to get help from a Rolfer who specializes in fascia which is the superficial part of the muscle. After doing the whole 12 sessions I was able to finally take a deep satisfying breath. This led me to search and investigate more because now I was able to get a deep breath and all my thoughts of "theres something wrong or having a mysterious diseases" was proved wrong. What I have come to discover and find out is that there is something called SOMATIC OCD related to breathing. What most of us are suffering from or what I'm suffering from is obsessive compulsive disorder related to breathing. All of you who think you might have what I have please search Somatic OCD breathing and it will be the answer to you problems. There is a diagnosis for what we have. It's a mental illness. We have Come to think and believe that every time we take a deep breath or yawn that it's needs to be or feel a curtain way. We think it needs to be deep or feel satisfying or else there's something wrong and then we get stuck in a cycle of hell. But the truth of the matter is that ever time we take a deep breath it doesn't have to be satisfying because it's just normal body function. If our bodies need it... It will take it. If we don't need it and we try to manipulate it... It won't work and it's there where we get stuck into this cycle of hell. So please read about somatic OCD breathing and remember that everytime we have surge to tea a deep breath it doesn't have to be satisfying. Now this is not for everyone but if what your experiencing why I have experienced or am experiencing then what I've mentioned is what I've come to to conclude.
Zamrbotta, i've been searching for you as you have posted this problem 9 years ago. So i would like to check with you if you have found any solution. I would like to know more on your medical journey.

May i know how can we overcome Somatic OCD?
Thiamin. Vitamin B-1
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Hi Rat193, I just read your post about your breathing & yawning. I have the freaking same thing and i am so desperate. I know you posted this 5 years ago, let me know if it got better for you.I could not yawn for the past 12 hours and I am going crazy, very panicky...I spent the whole night fighting panic and trying to yawn and nothing....my husband is supportive but  does not get it. I need to hear form somebody who is in the same situation. Heeeelp
I have the exact same problem! My girlfriend doesn't fully understand what I mean but she knows it's happening. I went to the doctor several times for it including the er and they've done ekgs, oxygen monitoring, blood work, heart and chest X-ray, and all came back normal. Last time I was at the hospital they chalked it as anxiety and panic attacks, I've gone to my pcp as well and he too claims its anxiety and gave me medicine. It doesn't seem to be helping at all but they've found nothing wrong with me so it has to be all in my head! It's driving me nuts! Sorry for the long book lol.
Hi! Im having same problem.. Im 15 and been ha ing bad anxiety/panic attacks. I seem to always worry ablut dying and i feel like i cant breath or anything. I want all the pains and feelings to go away. I just wanna feel normal again
hi i too suffer from the same thing my doctor says its a form of anxiety bc at first i would go into a complete panic attack. It still occurs frequently but my doc said as long as I'm breathing im fine but to help calm myself from panicking breathe slowly in my nose out my mouth and concentrate on the breathing and it will pass and eventually u will be able to take the breath u need to get relief. I have also noticed standing up helps if I'm laying down or sitting it makes things more difficult. i know its been a while but hope this helps!! I decided to google this bcuz i am going through it now and I want more answers I'm glad to see its more common than i thought, since talking with my doc and taking her breathing advice I have been to calm myself before going into a panic attack but its so uncomfortable but obviously theres no miracle cure!!
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It's 5am at the time of writing this and I have to say it is the most annoying thing I have had to deal with in my lifetime. To preface I don't have a solution but I would really like to share my story with you. I am now 24 years old and have had to deal with this since I was little. I used to be able to take as many deep breathes as I wanted. I remember the exact night I lost that ability because I woke up panicked. I had to be 8 or 9. It's weird to remember loosing that ability but now when I achieve a full breath it is oh so satisfying. However on nights like tonight where the sun is coming up and I cannot sleep because I feel I can't breathe. I worry that this is a condition that has not been recognized.
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I have this problem RIGHT NOW! I dunno if I have to yawn or just take a deep breath but every time I try it just feels like I need to take more and more deep breaths! Someone help because I feel literally that if I don't keep taking the deep breaths I will eventually not have enough oxgen and die! IT feels so weird everything I normal breathe it's like my lungs are telling me to keep heavy breathing? Is this a small problem or will I die! I must know because I'm always freaking out!
Don;t worry youre not dying trust me Ive had that feeling multiple times and have had it throughout this whole month. Its mostly just Anxiety and Panic attacks. Once you realize that you cant yawn well just take it easy and relax and listen to some smooth jazz or some music. But just make sure that you dont panic otherwise it will make it worse, not to the point of death, but to the point of severe annoyance. Take care! :D
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Check your nostrils that you may have devoted septum
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I have the same problem. Dx.asthma. chest ct scan done.xrays.blood test. In advair and ventolin as needed..2 visit to ER ..have app for pulmonary test and stress test..asthma getting little by little better but constantly yawnimg id lucky every 10 min night time is worse..
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I have the same thing i went to my dr and was given a brethe test and i failed badly! I was sent to a pulmonary dr i was diagnosed with C.O.P.D STAGE3! its an un nerving thing to have...
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I've delt with this hell for most of my life.  Exactly as described.  It only happens when I think about it so I assume it is probably some mental OCD.  I spent about 5 years of my life walking around in public with a big suction cup on my chest that I had rigged with a ***** pump to suck my chest out as I thought it was the only way I could get any relief.  Very embarrassing.  Anyway, I have finally found some relief in the past 5 years through exercise and getting into shape.  It started with just taking a long walk everyday but now I run and lift weights. I still have the problem but it's 90 percent better.   One other technique I've found that helps is to start fake coughing really hard until I start gagging.  That usually helps alleviate the problem for a bit until I can stop thinking about it.
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I've suffered from this from time to time for years. I train in Muay Thai and it's physically draning on the old cardio, every so often I have a blow out on weed which usually ends up with me smoking cigarettes or rolling with tobacco.  I've just had a three week blowout and stopped two days ago and once again the " I can't get a full lung of air and I need to yawn syndrome has started again ", I couldn't even sleep last night because of it. The only way I've found to stop this is through strenuous cardio exercise,  it kills me doing it and admittedly I will rush of from training to be sick as a dog. Four weeks in and sickness subsided I'm back to normal. I personally think that mine is self induced as this happens a few times a year everyone I smoke and drink but I smoke non stop till I'm no longer getting a good buzz. I know a few people this happens to and they train and smoke. Funny thing is it doesn't happen if I carry on smoking weed so I assume it's much lungs trying to repair themselves?  Hope this helps anyway, EXERCISE cures most minds to a happy state......
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I am doing research. This seems like a vitamin B-1 deficiency. Thiamin. Take a B complex vit for a month and see if it helps. The vits just are not in our food anymore. Wow, I can not believe I am the only one who figured this out! Smh

Ya know, the lack of vitamins, and overuse of drugs (prescription too) and alcohol, depletes the body of essential vitamins. All these prescriptions people are talking about taking, that just masks the problem and further complicates the issue.

Oh yeah, and if you are worried about overdosing on vitamins, go look THAT up. Most times you just pee out the excess. Less expensive and so incredibly worth it to give it a try.

This is how we have all ended up so sick. I feel like a genius. The answer is so simple and was always there, staring us in the face. Take a look around. In 1950, one apple had the nutritional content of 26 apples as of 1998. Isn't it obvious?

The vitamins are not in the food anymore and we are suffering in our late 20s and 30s. Incredible.

BTW, everywhere else in the world, this is called malnutrition. Here, you are going to get labels and drugs for all kinds of chronic illnesses.

It is caused by a lack of vitamins!
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i Have the SAME issue not getting satisfied  when breathing i have been by 2 pulmonologists and did multiple tests but so far i am still having this issue, did you get any treatment that actually helped?
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I'm struggling with this too. It's been a year. I recommend to have your heart checked out since I got a left bundle branch block, but doctors said it had nothing to do with it. Also was diagnosed with anxiety but it's medication doesn't work. I hope I can find an answer here.
Hello and welcome to the forum.  If your anxiety medication is not currently working, and it takes around 6 weeks for psychiatric medication to work, then please speak to your doctor. Finding the right medication and dosage can be a process individual to every patient. Any idea about causation of your other symptoms from your doctor?
Nope... Nothing. They say it's anxiety. But I feel like I can't complete a yawn. Is not always like this, but it is most days.
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Issues with inability to deep breathe makes me think diaphragm.
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