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Strep followed by Mono

From the age of 7, my son had reoccuring strep to the point of possible tonsillectomy. Miraculously the strep stopped reoccuring around the age of 14 and he still has his tonsils and still got strep occassionally (not back to back) until he had his first case of Mono with strep about age 15 3/4.  He is now 16 3/4 and has a reoccurence of Mono, this bout has lasted for over 2 months and he is still fighting it.  Should we seek the care of an infectious disease specialist ?  I'm concerned because he is so pale and sickly  looking (I call it Tiny Tim Sick). He is now having increased bouts of vomiting X 4 days.  
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I would absolutely seek the advice of an infectious disease specialist.  It is possible that your son is a “carrier” of strep which gets activated with other infections.  It is also possible that his immune system is significantly affected and not protecting him.  An evaluation by the specialist should lead to the answers you are seeking and controlling this problem.

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