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Sudden constant coughing for the past 12hrs!

2 days ago i got suddenly sick, i woke up at about 1pm (i sleep late, im 18) and had a terrible sore throat and still felt absolutely exhausted. so i slept more until about 5:30pm. we didnt have a a thermometer at the time(just picked one up yesterday) but i am dead certain i had a high fever accompainied by a excrutiating headache, chills and a mild cough. i was awake til about 10:30pm and went back to bed, i couldnt believe how tired i was. that night was the worst sleep ever. i just couldnt find the right temperature, i was either far too hot or far too cold and woke up every hour. the next day my headache got even worse, it was just pounding and i wanted to scream everytime i moved. my fever went away early in the day and i didnt even wake up with the sore throat which was definately a plus! my headache eventually went away later on too! by then i was thinking wow this is great! but i still had a bit of a cough. and i coughed and coughed and coughed. and now its seems like since about 8pm yesterday i cant stop coughing! its about 2-8 coughs in a row every minute!!! i only got about 3 hours of sleep last night and been up since 5am because of this terrible coughing, nothing im doing is making it go away! its interfering with everything im doing and driving me crazy!!!! what can i do?! my stomach and throat hurt so much :(. NOTE:my appetite is fine if that matters at all.
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Wow... same symptoms my mother had... and it went on for 2 months!  She refused to go to the doctor because she has two jobs and didn't want to miss work.  She coughed so much that her co-workers got annoyed with her.  I gave her some simple cough drops and it took the cough right away but of course it came right back hours later. She FINALLY went to the hospital and it turned out she had bronchitis AND the flu.  They gave her antibiotics and within 2 days all of her symptoms went away.  You should see a doc so they can examine you and give you some anitbiotics or something to stop the cough and pain.  Hope you get feeling better soon!
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well the good news is the coughing has pretty much stopped. i have no idea where it came from, it was an hours and hours long coughing fit. but it also comes with bad news! i pulled a muscle/ligament near the bottom of my rib cage. hurts terribley when i cough, but thank god its not often anymore.. and also, my fever has returned. its only around 101.5 but its lasted all day.ugh... cant quite catch a break yet.
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