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Suffering from Stuffy Nose, PND, Bad taste in mouth


I've been suffering sinus, throat and ear trouble for about 2-3 years now (maybe longer). I'm 24 years old and in good health otherwise - ideal weight, non-smoker, good diet, regular exercise.

Please could you give me your opinion on what is wrong with me.

Here are my symptoms:

Stuffy/blocked nose throughout the day - the severity alters, but theres is always some stuffiness and dryness in my nose and throat. I don't get a runny nose.

When I wake in the morning - my nose is always stuffed up on the side I have been lay on. happens at night when i get down to sleep also.

Post Nasal Drip - constantly 24/7 - heavy swallowing, comes with a bad (pus like) taste in my throat. Cough up lots of clear, sometimes yellow/green mucus from this.

White/yellow coating at the back of my tongue - when this is present, my saliva smells bad. Also results in a dry tongue.

I also suffer from tonsil stones.

I get a crackling in my ears when I swallow - permanently, more so when I eat spicy food.

I have dark circles under my eyes.

It also feels as if my glands in my neck are always 'up'.

Do not get sinus pressure on face.

I used to suffer asthma as a teen.

I have taken anti-biotics (1 week course), tried about 4 nasal sprays (long term), and saline nasal irrigation. No luck.

This is ruining my life. Do you have any ideas? Please can you help?
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These are fairly common symptoms of 2 fairly common problems: allergy and/or chronic sinusitis.  Both, although very different in their cause, can present with almost everything you have described.  I would rule out chronic sinusitis first, as it is the easier to both diagnose and treat.  Chronic sinusitis is either inflammation or infection of your sinuses.  This could still be a sinus infection despite your lack of response to a short course of antibiotics.  A CT scan of the sinuses can do this fairly definitively.  If this is not a chronic sinus inflammation or infection, then I would suggest pursing an allergy evaluation.  First, speak to your doctor about what you are experiencing.  Then work with your doctor to try to figure out the problem.  In this way you can get on appropriate treatment.
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you may need antibiotics for 3 weeks to get rid of what seems to be a chronic sinus infection...hve you ever had a ct of your sinuses??  good luck
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I agree this sounds like a chronic sinus infection,which from experience can last for a very long time.
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There is a natural product called Xlear that is supposed to kill organisms you may want to research this and try it
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