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Suffering from chronic issues like mouth ulcers , Mucus and Scalloped tongue

• Man 36 Indian origin.
• Fat around belly with skinny arms and legs (My mother and her side family is same), Even when my   body fat and weight was normal I used to look to fat due to big belly.
• Slightly underactive thyroid (not underactive enough to get prescription medicine)

Issues (I have been suffering from these issues since last 20-22 years):
• Constant mucus/phlegm , Excessive Build up after eating which has to be cleared.
• Remain sick almost whole winter since last 7-8 winters with cough and cold.
• Have gone through Sinus operation but sinuses are back to same (i.e. blocked nose and mucus).
• Scalloped tongue (Teeth marks around tongue)
• Frequent mouth ulcers around tongue - also cause the tongue to swollen and make it worse ( i.e can't speak or eat).
• Depression - was on antidepressants for some time.

Have been to number of doctors but no diagnosis apart from prescriptions to mask symptoms rather than cure.

Any Advice / Suggestions please.

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