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Is there a syndrome linked to causing respiratory distress in a newborn, if so what is the name of this syndrome?
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There are many reasons for respiratory distress in newborns.  There is no single cause of this.  For a newborn in this situation, it requires a complete evaluation of the possible causes.  These can include both respiratory and heart problems.
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The thing is that my son was born with respiratory distress and he has some anomalies of the face, (wide spread eyes, low set ears, high arched palate, ect.), and someone in the medical field told me that his features resembled that of one diagnosed with _______________ Jacob Syndrome.  I have tried looking up information on anything containing Jacobs syndrome but it leads to no where.  This person told me some complications of this syndrome where respiratory distress and abnormalities in vison.  I would like to get some other information and if anyone can be of any help thank you very much.
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