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Please interpret my Echo Report

Normal LV with normal systolic function
No segmental wall motion abnormality seen
Normal Mitral and Aortic vavle
Normal sized RV. No PS
Normal Pulmonaric and Tricuspid valve
No pericardial effession seen
No LV clot seen
No Vegetation seen
RVOT= 14 mmHg
Normal Diastolic function
E = 1.11 m/s: E/A=1.35 E/E= 13
A=0.82 m/s: DCT = 73 m/s
IVRT = 53 m/s (74+-7)
Estimated RV/MPAP = 30mmHg
EF= 60%
TR Mild with Mild PAH
During the test patient has Fast HR
(Other all values are in normal range) except
TAPSE = 28mm
S wave = 14 cm/s

* Fast HR was from my anxiety. Because I'm too anxious and suffering from anxiety disorder from past 5 months.

The question is this, that i really have PAH or it is just  misdignosed due to fast HR which put pressure on this?

I don't have any symptoms except a short episode of PVC and little fast HR for a short period. my resting HR is 50 - 65 BPM.
I'll be very thankful for your kind replay. Thank you so much.
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Plz answer.....
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