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Talc/Ammonia/Powder smell in my Sinuses

I'm a 37 year old male who is married with a child on the way. I've been prone to overreact to symptoms since I had a fluke viral cardiomyopothy in 2000. I recovered but still take monopril and zebeta. I always seem to think if that is possible, then other things can be too. I'm not sure when this started but every once in awhile I'll get the sinus clearing feeling in my nose and it smells almost like a talc or powder smell mixed with ammonia. I will get it after working out on the treadmill or sometimes just doing simple things around the house. It isn't an everyday thing but a few times a week and it lasts for about 5 minutes or less. It isn't coming off my body but deep in my sinuses. After taking Tylenol I can smell Tylenol in my system. Could the same thing be happening with my other meds?Lately I have been stressed and have had some tension headaches and lightheadedness. The doctor did a neurological exam and said I looked fine..2 doctors have and said my anxiety is getting the best of me since my blood pressure is lightly elevated too. I've felt my nasal passages open like this before when I was about to get on a flight and was panicing. Could this be a stress/Flight symptom reaction also?
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I'd like to add that I just stopping taking Flonase too.
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this could be completely unrelated, but when i use eye drops i can always taste them in my sinuses (tastes like chemicals! yuck).  i also overreact a lot to health concerns, so i looked into it, and that's normal with eye drops.  so if you're using them that's probably why.

other than that, sorry i have no idea :(
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Thanks for your comments. I don't use them so that wouldn't be it. It may just be my heart meds since I can smell the Tylenol and all.
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In Sept 99, Mayo clinic said the 99% of all cronic sinus infections are fungal infections. You could try to get your Dr. to give you an anti-fungal like diflucan. You could also try a nasal wash with a neti-pot like Dr. Oz showed on Oprah. You can get nasal wash recipies on the web. It works pretty good, relieves headaches cleans sinusis, and lets your ears pop so you can hear better. Just tilt your head side ways over a sink and pour the solution in one side of the nose. It runs out the other side. Then tilt your head the other way. And you can even breath through your mouth while it's running through your sinusis. Even if you got medication I would still do this regularly.
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Funny thing!  I just broke out my neti pot for the first time in about 4 years using a mixture I found on the web (1 qt. water, 3 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. baking soda)  I ran about 6 oz. through my nose and after I was done, for the next 10-15 minutes I sensed a distinct ammonia-like odor in my sinuses.  It's what sent me googling and why I ended up here.  No idea what caused it, but it's fading now.  My wife said she can't smell it.  Coincidentally, we just found out we're expecting as well.
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I just used my neti pot for the first time in weeks..I felt a strange burning in the back of my head and almost gagged from the ammonia smell in my sinus'.  It is starting to fade now, but I must admit it scared me.  Anyone have any clues?
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