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Thoat problems

I got the flu about 2 months ago and had this bad post-nasal drip, then the flu subsided and the drip stayed. A week later I got a sinus infection and went on antibiotics got rid of the sinus infection and now I still have this awful feeling of mucus staying in the back of my throat that I cannot bring up. I went to an ENT and he gave me a steroid spray and a prescription antacid for my acid reflux. I've been on it for about a week and I still have no relief of this mucus. I don't know if the mucus is from the drip because I have a clear nose but I feel the drip. Also, after eating foods or drinking I bring up thick mucus. It is extremely annoying and my throat gets really sore from constantly clearing it. I don't know what I have or how to get rid of it. If it is my acid reflux how long with this last before the medicine starts working??
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The mucus may be a residual of inflammation of your nose and/or sinuses that occurred along with, or due to your acid reflux.  If the former, it is not at all uncommon for a condition of excessive mucus to persist for many months.  If due to reflux, it may take 1 to 2 months to get maximum effect from the anti-reflux medicine.
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Even i faced the problem of sticky mucus coming to throat after eating  for the past 1.5 years . IT is highly irritating  and i had almost developed an aversion to food and then lost weight.

Actually problem  is related to wrong digestion and wrong respiration. If food is not properly digested then it gets converted into phlegm and affects the body as a whole.

In general the ayurvedic treatement and yogasanas(YOGA) helped me a lot.
There is however certain discretion in doing the yogasanas that must be followed :

If you are overweight then you should do mosttly forward bending asanas. Also you can do the pranayamas(breathing exercies) that involve more exhalation exercises like : "kapalbhati pranayama" . You can take a hot water bath.

If you are underweight and malnourished then you should do backward bending asanas : (eg: bhujangasana, ushtrasana). And pranayama that involves internal retention of breath : antar kumbhaka/sitali. You can take a cold water bath.

Try to be out of AC and breathe in the fresh natural air outside.

The yoga must be done under expert advice and guidance and improper practice can be harmful, but with proper practice you can use it for your own benefit. Yoga treatement is long time one but gives sure results.
Also eating habits should be such that you do not overload your digestive systems , too much of chocolate, cheese, mayoneise, pastries is not good. Instead fruits should be amply eaten. Also one should not over-exercise as it burns out the tissues.
All in all a "balanced" diet, exercise, behaviour and meditation will help a lot. Remember, the body has a great feedback mechanism and if you listen to it and alter accordingly then it will respond well too.

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