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Throat Pain

Hello.  Please advise me.  I have had a sharp pain in my throat for about 5 days, but doesn't feel like strept throat.  It is painful to touch, but not to painful to swallow.  I had UPP surgery for snoring about four years ago so I have no tonsils.  The pain is four fingers from the voice box on my left side.(thing that moves up and down when you swallow).

1.  Sharp pain four fingers to the left side of voice box (larynx).

2.  Mild fever.  It is 99.0.  

3.  Mild headaches at temple come and go, lasting a few seconds.

4.  Worse at night when I sleep, I feel ears getting plugged.  Mild ear ache.

5.  Worse when I turn head to right and swallow.

6.  When I swallow with head straight, virtually no pain.

7.  When I walk in dress shoes, every step causes a pain in the throat area.

8.  No congestion.  No nasal drips.  No coughing. No phlegm.  

What could it be?  Is it the thyroid gland?   Or is it the esophogus?  Wouldn't a viral or bacterial infection be accompanied by fever and congestion.  I have no congestion.

Please help.
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I saw a physician, but it wasn't an ENT.   I wish my physician would have used that instrument you described (laryngoscope) to check my larynx.  Thank you for the reply.  My physician just looked at the ears, throat, listened to lungs and heart with stethoscope, and no culture or swab.  How would she know if it is a bacteria or a virus?  She then wrote me a prescription for Erythromycin ethylsuccinate 400 mg, naproxen 500 mg for pain and headaches, and Prevacid 30 mg.  She said my throat was really red and so she prescribed Prevacid.  I did mention that occasionally I feel food or just acidic vapor come up when I sleep.  She also asked for bloodwork to check thyroids in two weeks, hemoglobin, lipids, liver profile, TSH, T4, CBC/PLAT

I continue with mild headaches and tiredness and if it doesn't clear up, I will go back and ask for the laryngoscope.  Thanks again for the reply.
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This is most likely related to your pharynx (behind the tongue) or larynx and not to your esophagus.  This should not be ignored.  You should have a careful, direct examination of your throat by an ENT specialist, using a flexible laryngoscope.  This may not be needed if infection is visible by looking in the mouth to see, for example, signs of a strep throat.
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