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Throat and saliva issues...

Im not sure whats wrong. I have trouble swalloing and I think recently I have more saliva in my mouth. I have sinus and Ive always had some trouble swalloing but now its worse and I think there is more saliva than usual in my mouth. Im going to go to the doc but Ive been in the past about my sinus and they just say, drink a lot of water, thats it. Im worried, does anyone know what it could be? How can I be sure if there is more slaiva in my mouth or if Im just imagining it?Do doctors have tests for that?
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My son is 21nths and has just been recently diagnosed with RAD.  In reading what the symptoms of RAD actuall are, I am concerned that my son has been incorrectly diagnosed.  He does not have wheezing or difficulty breathing.  He does however have severe congestion that doesn't help his breathing.  The allergist we took him to stated that his adenoids were enlarged and she had us take an x-ray.  We haven't received the results yet, but I guess I need to ask if it is possible to have RAD without those other symptoms???  Please help!

Thank you!
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Hi, just thought I would reply to you. I have a 7mth old son who was dx with RAD. He had RSV back in December and was wheezing at the time. His x-ray showed reactive airway disease but they were/are uncertain if it was due to RSV. Since then he has had a cold pretty much one after the other (I have two other children) since then. The albuterol treatments did not do much when he had the RSV..the wheezing continued and my ped. said if it was asthma the neb. treatment would have worked to cease the wheezing. Even during his colds he has a lot of clear phlegm, sometimes coughing will bring up the phelgm if he vomits and if I do a neb. treatment it loosens the pleghm more, but he will still breathe a bit harder. Now, thank goodness, he has been cold free for 5 days and his breathing is fine. My ped.has suggested going to a ped. pulomonologist and having him review the x-ray results for a second opinion. My ped. does not feel that my son has true asthma, his just may be viral induced.

How does your child do with treatments or has he/she had any?
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I have the same issue, and I would love to know what it is. I have been told it is GERD or a yeast food allergy. Do you have the constant need to swallow? I am always trying to swallow away the saliva, but it does not work. Also is yours worse in the morning? If you find anything out, please post here.
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