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I would like to know if bleeding from the throat due to severe coughing or brushing your tongue can be associated with Throat Cancer or Emphysema? For about 4 months now I have this problem. Sometimes it feels as if I have a Sore throat, but it hurts alot. When I eat and swallow I feel like the food going down is scraping on my throat or esophagus. When I cough severely and spit the phlegm there is a streak of blood, not red red but like an orange-red color. When I brush my teeth and I brush my tongue, as far as the toothbrush goes it makes me feel like i'm going to vomit, but I end up coughing and when I spit there is streaks of blood, these are red streaks that looks like blood. I am a smoker. I've been smoking for 7 years now. Can anyone have an answer for me or should I overcome my fear and go to the doctor?
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Absolutely, you should "overcome your fear" and go to the doctor; not just any doctor but an ENT specialist, best qualified to give your throat a thorough exam.  Blood in one's sputum is not a sign of emphysema.  It can be a sign of throat cancer but can also occur with harsh coughing, due to a benign condition.

For your peace of mind and in the interest of your physical health, you must arrange to be seen by an ENT specialist, not just by your family doctor.  You may also have to have a CT scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of your throat and adjacent structures.  Further delay can only make things worse.  You may want to discuss this with a friend and have that friend accompany you to the doctor's office.

Good luck.
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