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Tickle in throat/cough/choking

If you are experiencing any of this research Parodoxical Vocal Fold Movement.  I was having major issues where I would almost choke out of nowhere.  I did research on PVFM and everything about it fits perfectly to what I am going through.  Although there is no pill or surgery to prevent it from happening.  You can research ways to relax your throat so when you do have an 'attack' you will know how to handle it.  Just stay calm and know that it will pass.  Some things that cause the attacks are, dry weather, cold weather, nasal drainage, sometimes even cough drops can irritate it, if you have a higher level of anxiety this can also bring on an 'attack'.  

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I am in total shock tonight to see that there are so many other people suffering from this horrible cough. I've been struggling with this now for over 5 years off and on. It comes out of nowhere and it's very scarey! It starts off with a tickle in the throat then followed by watery eyes and then the awlful, horrible cough. I can't breathe or talk. It's just a dry hard cough that continues non stop until I start to sneeze and tears stream down over my face. Then I usually end up having to throw up. My eyes get red and bloodshot and I start to sweat. Then finally some phlem breaks up and it finally starts to slowly calm down. It is absolutely terrifing! I have no idea what is causing it but over the last few years it's just steadily gotten worse. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and praying that I find something out. Today has been the worst day for attacks in a while now. Eight so far today! It is very embarressing because you never know when it's going to come on you. I have had to run out of supermarkets because I was scared that I would throw up. You can't control it! Once the tickling starts that's it! People look at you like you are some kind of freak but in the meantime you are scared to death that you may be taking your last breath. It's very frustrating not knowing what is causing this. I have went to the doctor about it once already but found out nothing. I'm praying that where it is soooo bad this time that I may find something out and get some kind of relief. I feel so bad for anyone going through this because I know how horrible it is. Stress always brings on more episodes and once it's acted up bad I always end up being woken up at least once during the night with an attack. I have to take a bottle of water in my bedroom and lay it on the floor next to me every night so I don't choke! Alot of times I will shy away from any social events afraid that I may end up having an attack. It is horrible and even more so when you have no idea what's causing it. Well good luck everyone with it and I will post again if I find anything out that could possibly help anyone.
Did you ever find out what it was?
I usually have a similar reaction after I’ve been sick and have coughed so much for so long that the slightest bit of spit, phlegm, movement, tickle in my throat will set me off and I get the sweating, tears, wet myself, gagging...lots of fun, NOT! Was super embarrassing when I worked as a hairdresser and would have to leave a client to go cough my self silly, ugh! The only thing I’ve found to help is Benzonatate 100 MG capsules (prescription) they help to relieve the spastic coughing fits and compulsion to cough by relaxing the muscles in your throat. I don’t take this all the time but when I’m sick I take it to keep me from coughing uncontrollably.
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The pinching starts out of "nowhere" "anytime".  So days are worse than others.  It is a pinch on the right or left side of throat near my tonsils.  When I started to research this I thought I would find nothing.  But I am so amazed I am not alone.  The gagging the watery eyes the coughing the blowing my nose and seems so little comes out.  I am thinking of getting my tonsils removed.  I think with those glands in the back of my throat are garbage collectors that make this thing worse.  It really worsens when i get a cold or getting over a cold.  Also in the winter especially with the heat from the furnace.  I have done everything, hot hot liquids, cough drops (which seem to help me more than anything), mouth wash gargles, salt water, facial spas, steam showers, thinking the moisture would help...It is embarassing but I just tell people I have to gag right now..My kids will hear me and ask me "MOM are you alright?"  I can't believe so many others suffer.  I have tilted my head so many ways i think i may have caused some vertebrea's to fall out of place.  

Well when I do decidee to have my tonsils removed hopefully that will be the answer.  I went to an ENT and he did tell me that i have build up in my tonsils.  Well best of luck getting over your gaggings..
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For me, it only happens at night, but the symptoms are the same. I wake up coughing and gasping for air. It feels like I've drowned and came back to life. I cough like a madman for a few minutes, and then it subsides enough for me to get a drink of water. But for the longest time, I cannot get back to sleep because it feels like I have a feather in my throat. The only cure to help me get back to sleep is some cough syrup.

I notice that this happens primarily after a night out on the town after I've been drinking.

I've been to an ENT who suggests it's GERD related, so I've been taking Omeprezole (OTC version of Nexium). I think that helps on nights where I haven't been drinking.

I think what is happening is that the alcohol puts me into a deep sleep and saliva goes down my windpipe and the drowning reflex happens. It definitely *****.
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m having the same problem...it starts with a tickle and then horrible cough followed by tears..i cant breathe properly or talk for about a minute.
If you get a solution please let me know @ ***@****
This has been happening to me for four years now and its very scary!  Tickle, cough, feeling like I can't breathe or talk...PANIC...cough, cough, swallow, swallow, drink a little water, cough... trying to catch my breath, cough, cough...UGH!!!!!  I HATE IT!  The whole episode lasts anywhere from three to five minutes.
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I am 12 and I will get this cronic cough until I start to choke and, sometimes, to the point where I almost throw up. It's been happening for only about 4 months. I will wake up in the middle of the night and start choking and coughing. It feels like I can't breath, like I'm going to cough/choke to death. I will cough until I almost throw up (only thrown up once from it). No matter what I do, it only gets worse. During school, I start to cough and can't stop so I have to get up and walk out and have an 'attack' in the stairwell. PLEASE HELP!!! My mom just gives me allergy stuff but it just hits harder every day. I get anywhere from 2-6 attacks a day.
Did you ever get an answer?
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this describes my episodes to a T. Did you ever get a diagnosis?
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This describe me to a T. did you ever get a diagnosis?
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