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Too much mucous in the throat

I too have suffered in the last 5 years from too much mucous in the throat.  I am doing a good deal of research and I am now trying a holistic approach - Apple Cider Vinegar (must be unpasturized/raw/unfiltered/). The dosage is 2 tsp. before each meal or diluted with water and drank during the meal (you'd have to love vinegar to drink it during your meal - o-o-o-o-o no, not me). Anyway, I am giving it a try and will keep you all posted on how this works.  I do know that dairy products product excess mucous so that might be part of the problem.  I have also read where the processing of milk (pasturized/homogenized) may be part of the problem. Of course we all know about the problem with these cows receiving anitbiotics and hormone injections.  Perhaps we should all become vegetarians we might live a longer life.  I am wondering if the byproducts in foods and even the processing of milk etc.. doesn't all this have a strong effect on our systems. Are we suffering because we're not eating the way people used to eat 100 years ago? Could this be the reason why we have these problems, too many additives,preservatives, byproducts etc...?
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I found this site today and feel some comfort, but sad not to hear of a clear solution to this annoying problem. On an up note, I don't feel like I'm crazy knowing other people have the same problem.I'm a teacher and clear my throat with every other comment. By the end of class, my throat is so raw, yet the nasal drip and conjestion continue. I loose my voice on a regular basis by straining to clear the mucus. I'm going to try the vinegar and see if I'm lucky. Avoiding the wheat and soy may be worth a try as well. I drink a massive amount of water trying to thin the flem, but it doesn't seem to help. I'm open for other ideas.
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Thanks for your comments and tips. I do have an appoint on tuesday. In the meanwhile, I'll check out some of your ideas to see if I get any positive results. I live in a very pollutedand very humid area and wonder if it's playing into the problem. Who knows. Again, thanks.
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Have you seen A ENT Dr. yet?  They may be able to get to the bottom of your problem.  For me I just had sinus surgery and had a deviated septum fixed.  The surgery is bad I would not recommend it to anyone other than last resort as was my case.  I still have excessive mucus but at least tit doesn't get caught in that deviation and I dont's have to useq tips to pock it through and hack myself to death.  I still hate the mucus I wish I could solve that problem however i have lupus and Dr thinks it's autoimmune involved.  /Anyhow try Mucinex to loosen the phlemg it really does work .  You still have to cough it out but it may help you get it out early in themorning so it doesn't drip all day.  Just a thought.  I also use a saline irrigation pot I bought at Meijer's a store like walmart etc.  you use saline solution in it and it helps flood the junk out your nostrils.  It's gross but it helps. Look for it in the cold and flu remedy ares mine is made by "Salt Aire Sinus Relief"  they have a web site you could check out the product.  I find their solution too harsh and have my Dr. prescribe a nasal solution and it's covered by my ins. too. Good Luck.
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I`ve had this problem for 8 years after i had a punch on my nose.I couldn`t breathe proparly throufg my nose and so this overproduction of mucus started. Sometimes i felt like i was  drowning.After an operation to recover my nose the problem was less.But it`s till there. You might be reacting on cigarette smoke or the smug or outlet from cars because that`s especially what i react on.
Still this is not the biggest problem. I have a bad breath and i think it might have something to do with the too much mucous.
ANyone with the same thing?
I hardly dare to breathe in presence of other people,i even avoid being in someone elses presence.
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I'm glad I finally did some of my own research!  Like many of you, I constantly clear my throat ... morning, afternoon, evening ... it is irritating to my family AND to me!  I drink lots of water and eat/drink very little dairy.  I've modified my eating habits to eliminate specific foods/drinks to see if that helps ... but it does NOT.  I've seen my MD and an ENT and they suggested Flonase (supposedly they believed my condition to be allergy related), but this did NOT work either!  Is anyone aware of any medication that can help?  I've read the "vinegar" treatment in some of the comments and I will definitely try that (why not, it can't be any worse than CONSTANTLY clearing my throat!!).  In fact, it is so bad that people I know have approached me in the store from aisles away saying "I thought I heard you" .. they can identify me from the throat-clearing! If anyone has any idea on remedies (medical, holistic or otherwise) or other forums for information, I would greatly appreciate the information. It's a good thing we don't all live in the same place ... my family can only take one "hacking" individual!  Thanks in advance for any and all help/information.
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Hi all,
I am a otherwise healthy 33 year old. I can sympathize with all of you with this throat clearing issue. I have been clearing the right side of my throat for 3 years and no one has figured it out. I only feel the mucous draining on one side of my throat and I have an expiratory wheeze on the right side as well as globus. I have been to 4 ent docs, gastro docs, pulmonary docs, endocrine surgeons and have has ct scans of chest and sinuses, mri of throat, chest x-rays, ultrasounds, 2 24hour pHprobes, 3 bronchoscopies, thyroid nodule biopsies, upper gi endoscopy, methacoline breathing challenge tests, laryngoscopy etc. I have been to top docs in Laryngeal Reflux and Cough have been told that symptoms from this usually present from both sides of the throat. I am so frustrated as I feel like I can never fully clear my throat on the one side!
The only thing they can suggest is antireflux and post nasal drip meds. Does anyone else out there only have these symptoms on one side of the throat only???????

Please let me know, I am considering having the thyroid nodule removed because I am wondering if this is causing me to feel the sesations in my throat worse than they actually are....

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Hi there
I also have a one sided problem with mucas in throat.  When I wake up in the morning there is loads of it in the back of my mouth, and depending on which position i sleep in, sometimes it is in my lung as well.  My right side is unaffected completely, but my left side is never free from it.  It started in june 2004, and it also affects my left tonsil.  They are swollen and have those nasty smelling white/cream lumps on them.  If i manage to get out the mucas before is slides behind the tonsils too far then it is clearish and does not look infected, but once it has gone past a certian point in the back of my throat it then becomes very difficult to remove unless i tilt my head and neck at an unusual angle.  When it does finally come out it does have brown spots in it.  Ihave no chest pain or breathlessness, but chest often feels tired from all the effort.  I left side of my face feels very clogged up, but not painfull, although i get earache and sore throats on the affected side, and have experienced at least one cold a month since it started, whereas before i would have two colds a year if i was unlucky.  So glad to hear someone else with a onesided problem.  P.S mine is thick like glue - it dosent drip at all  -post nasal slide perhaps?
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I've been dealing with this for years as have others in my family...  I'm surprised to see so many others apparently have the same symptoms. I thought surely there'd be a simple answer to this.  After eating I have about 30 minutes of hacking all of which is unproductive in terms of actually coughing something up.  I do have the constant PND it seems and that, I've thought, is the source of the excess mucous.  I think drinking water makes sense and I have had some relief drinking/sipping really hot water (be careful).  I hope you will continue to keep posting your comments and experiences--there has to be a solution out there somewhere!
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I'm so surprised everyone is having the same problem that I've been having -- and thought I was the only one with this odd problem.  Through google I'm amazed of all the things I could find in the world.  

I still have not found any permanent solution to the excessive mucus but i've found some things that help relieve my symptons.

When the sympton first appeared my sinus was a mess (could not breathe) and i was coughing constantly due to post nasal drip.  I started abusing over the counter "Duration 24" i used this for 4 months plus everyday.   i then finally decided that if i continue doing this i will eventually find myself having cancer of some sort relying on this chemical. the lable says clearly do not use for more than 7 days.

While not a fan of doctors, I went to see a ENT and an allergist.  The ENT was pretty much "useless" as far as identifying the problem.  the allergist decided to cut a piece of muscle from my thigh to do more testing and turned out i was allergic to rabbites.  whatever.  it was a waste of time and insurance money.

I then did some research on the web and found out a list of drugs i would like to try.  I went to my family doctor and convinced him to get me the following medicine: flonase, nasalcrom(recommended by doc/over the countr), claritin D12 (the one without D doesn't work. this is now over the counter as well), and Singular (my latest finding that works well) -- but still these are all drugs.  and i'm all about not taking the drugs if there's a natural way to drain these annoying mucus.

Someone introduced me to Yoga.  I don't really care for it but this one basic stand if you give it a few minutes, will completely drain out your sinus.  this acutally works and i do this once in the morning and once at night.  this is about the only 2 times in a day that i can breathe with both of my nostrils.  here's the link... for all those looking for a non drug temporary relieve, this is it!


remember, you have to give it at least 3 minutes to work it out of the system.  i don't actually follow the instruction to keep my legs straight.  whatever is comfortable, the trick is you form a L shape with your head and chest.  might seem hard to breathe for awhile and blood kinda rush to your head but it definately completely drains out all your musus/sinus problems.
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I have got mucus in my throat as well, but it seems to be in my voicebox.  I got laryngitis in March and have been hoarse ever since.  But the worst part of it is that ball of mucus in my throat that is so tight I can't seem to get rid of it.

For awhile, it helped to mix Mylanta and Children's benadryll 1/2 and 1/2 and take a teaspoon of it as needed.  But lately that's not working as well.  There's a pill you can buy at the health food store or online that decreases mucus...N-acetyl cystein.  I haven't tried it yet but it worked for one person I know.  The last remedy I know of is Thayer's Slippery Elm Lozenges.  Slippery Elm is supposed to thin out mucus and singers use those lozenges when they get colds, etc.

Hope something in this post helps someone.

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Hello all.

I have had this problem for 3 years now which started off as a bad cold that never seemed to fully go away.  Every morning without fail I wake up with thick flem from my throat that makes me choke.  This happends for about the first 3 hours then im ok durng the day.

Alot of people told me its milk but I rekon it just brings it on more and not the cause.  I bodybuild and find this very hard to deal with being I have to eat so much in the morning which always icludes milk.  9 egg whites 1 yoke 100g oats in milk, protien shake, 2 peices of bread while choking in between.

Im hoping there is a way to get rid of this.
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I stumbled on this thread and must say i am also suprised that so many suffer the same. I have been running around many doctors, most dont care, others dont know whats the problem.
My throat problems started after severe angina, my sinuses* were very big and stayed like that many months after angina. They are scheduled to be cut off next year as doctors simply did not know what to do.
I too could not sleep well, In the morning I had to caught for 30 minutes to get it all out and going to town or somewhere was followed by caughing and spitting every 5 minutes.
Its been a year that i suffered...At this hard time, help did not come from doctors, but a close ones who had the same problem.

I want to share some tips that have helped me alot, reduced my mucus almost to nothing. I only have it when I have caught cold:

- Part of this problem for me was weakening of immune system. I feel It went worse after stressful days or hard physical work ( for example at gym). So I tried something called "interferon". It is very cheap medication around here, its basicly antibodies that more or less directly attack the problem(virus?). I put it in my nose 3 times a day and after some time I can already feel relief.

- The other thing that really helped me was chewing PROPOLIS. This really did the miracle, my sinuses are normal after a month of chewing it, I feel relief as I put it in my mouth, I feel there is no flow what so ever, its contrary/opposite effect to when you eat sweets or diary products your saliva turns gluey, thick and you want to spit.  Its a great thing, cheap to get and very very effectful.

I use natural propolis even though have tried it in chewing gum and also some pills. I find natural to work the best and it lasts the longest. Only negative effect is that sometimes it may get stuck on teeth and if you go out and smile, alot of people may get scared. In that case chewing gum of propolis would do better.


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I have this problem too.

I went to ENT, allergist etc.  No use, took allergy medicines, injections .. still no use.

Then turned to HOMEOPATHY.  It seems to be working!

The homeopathy medicine for this is

The potency for this is important.  You can order in 30X potency and take 4 of these small globules 3 times a day.

Within 7 days you should feel a relief.  After 2 days of taking the medicine, your symptoms may get worse, but do not worry, this means it is working.

After 7 days if you feel that it worked but still the mucus is a little thick and not completely trickling down, u can increase the potency to 1M and take 4 globules 3 times a day, but only for 2 days and then repeat this every week.

You can order this medicine at www.arrowroot.com.

Also HOMEOPATHIC medicines do not have any side effects, they are completely made of natural extracts.

I am at the stage where i completed the 30X potency of this medicine, where there mucus is still a little thick and it is leaking into my mouth due to which i have horrible bad breath.

So i just ordered 1M potency of this medicine.  Will keep everyone posted on my progress.

I have a HOMEOPATHIC doctor who is my friend who suggested me this medicine.

Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have.  I have been through this horrible experience and am still going through it.  The worse thing is the bad breath!

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Started out today looking for a reason to why I always seem to feel nauseated.  Looked through several web sites and read several forums and realized that it may have something to do with the phlegm in my throat.  In the morning I gag and I am constantly swallowing to get the phlegm out from the back of my throat. The taste and feel of it back there makes me nauseated so I try and eat something to removed it hoping it will push down with food.  I have noticed that after I eat I sometimes feel nauseated and have come to the conclusion that it is not from my stomach but from the mucous that sits in my throat after I eat.  Does anyone else have this nausea problem from the mucous sitting in their throat?
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Hi there everyone.  I am relieved to read that I am not the only one that suffers from this horrible affliction of too much mucous/phlegm in the throat.  Most especially in the morning, when I wake up I feel a buildup in the area between my nose and my throat.  This I have to sort of suck down into my mouth so that I can spit it out (gross...I know).  And then there is the mucous/phlegm that has somehow dripped down into my throat and that I have inadvertantly swallowed.  I sometimes have to make myself gag in order to bring up the swallowed stuff.

Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening?  It has been about 5 years now.  And I don't see it abating.
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For those of you who have thick "lumps" of mucous that are stuck in your throat, try Mucinex.  It is available over the counter at drug stores.  It is Guaifenesen, which is the basic component of some expectorant-type cough medicines, but without all the other ingredients.  I have had medical doctors and pharmacists tell me this is a very begnign product with no side effects that can be used every day if needed. Take with a large quantitiy of water, as the instructions say. This has worked wonders for me. Good luck.
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Hi, I understand how awful this condition is and I'm going to detail out some handlings that you can do to help rid yourself of it.  I've used these and they work.  They stop working when I stop doing them.

These are some simple solutions that you can do reduce or eliminate your excess mucous.  


(1)  take the milk, cream and half & half out of your diet.  Yeah, it's a real drag at first but do it for a week and then see how much less mucous you have.  Alternatives are Silk Soymilk Brand - Very Vanilla Flavor soy milk. (It's actually not that bad!)

(2)  replace your cream, half-half & yes, even your "non-dairy" creamers with Silk Soymilk French Vanilla Creamer.  Non-dairy definitely does not mean that the product is milk-free. FDA regulations specifically allow the use of caseinates (and casein is one of the major milk allergens) in non-dairy products.  Read more here:  http://www.farrp.org/articles/dairyfree.htm

The above will probably drastically reduce your mucous.  If you are still having problems you can go to the more advanced program:

If you've had mucous for a long time, you're going to need to clean up your post nasal drip & mucous a little more aggressively.  

If it's not the milk causing it (which quite often it is and you won't know until you go cold turkey for for about a week) then you have something else in the air/environment that you are sensitive to and breathing that is contributing to this condition.  

As a defensive action and until you locate what it is, you're going to need to clean out the shnoz and the sinus area to get rid of the drip!

The best site on the net I've found to provide instructions on how to clean this up are found here:
http://www.jalanetipot.com/index.html  Take your time and read the whole site, especially on drying and proper salt solution mixture.  If you don't get the salt ratio right, it will burn a little, otherwise it won't at all.  You want to do STAGE 1 AND STAGE 2.  Stage 1 alone won't do it.

You can make your own "neti" pot if you have an old 1-liter Gatorade bottle with the nipple-type, screw cap.  Just discard the rubber gasket in the screw cap (it regulates the flow) and add an air intake by puncturing the bottle near the top.  Or just spend a few bucks and get a proper neti pot.

This is going to clean out the areas that have accumulated whatever... that is triggering your body's natural method of removal (mucous).  Try doing this once in the evening before you go to bed.  Close the door and don't let your significant other see this! :D  

If that's not enough, try it twice a day.  More than likely that's going to handle most of your condition.

If you want to eliminate all other possible culprits that are contributing to your mucous, you can also do the following:

(1)  eliminate/reduce cheese & cream cheese from your diet

(2)  get a decent HEPA based air filter for work area and bedroom

(3)  gargle before you go to bed with warm water and salt solution

(4)  get an oral irrigator.  They are something like this:  http://www.justnaturalstuff.co.uk/ishop/1013/shopscr37.html  Google around for the best price.  HYDRO Pulse is supposed to be a good one, developed by an ENT.

(5) seek out environmental conditions, dust, dirt, airborne particles, foods, etc that you think could be contributing to this and eliminate them.  Ask yourself, when do I notice this most?  Is it after I eat?  After I drink something?  Is there a time I don't have this?  When is that?  Look for what could be triggering it and handle the source by eliminating it or reducing it.

(6) see an allergist and get thorough spectrum of tests.

(7) get any teeth issues handled (infections, cavities, etc)

(8) try the Thera-breath solutions or any similar sulphur reducing mouthwashes and toothpaste products.  Available at CVS or online.  They work awesome and totally eliminate bad breath by getting to the source.  These products are slightly expensive in my opinion though but do work.  Price should come down as more competitors enter the market.  They will also help you clean up your overall oral hygeine. Stop using alcohol based products. Studies show they don't actually handle the source (the sulphur causing bacteria) and only handle bad breath for about :10 minutes.

(9) use a tongue cleaner.  Sounds weird but there is a lot of bacteria that gets lodged below the tongue... and the scraper gets rid of it and helps clean up the whole oral environment.

It stinks to have to deal with something that others don't have to contend with but such is the case with bodies.  Every one responds differently to different things.  If you want to try to rid yourself of this embarrassing and annoying condition give my advice a shot. Maybe the solution is in one of the things I suggested.  

My Best To You!
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This condition pretty much rules my life. Constant thick mucus in my throat, coming from lungs and sinus. The main problem is that it accumulates on my vocal cords. I have to continually and brutally clear my throat to find my voice. If I don't, it goes husky, high and muffled; extremely hard to talk. This has impacted severly on my work and personal life, I'm extremely depressed and anxious all the time.

I've seen ENTs, Allergists, a Naturopath, even a Chinese Medicine guy, but no answers. The naturopath found that there was definite allergic reaction in my body, and that I had severly low Zinc and stomach acid levels. Diets and medication haven't helped one bit though. My Dad suffers the same problem, but to a lesser degree.

The problem is 24/7, but gets worse in the morning after I've been up for an hour, or after eating/drinking anything. Tried Nexium and other reflux meds, but no help. Doctor thinks I'm nuts. They almost think that if Western medicine hasn't solved it by now, it must be in your head.

Ah well, good to know that I'm not alone... I might try some of this Mucinex.
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Hello to everyone :)

I know everyone on this comment board having the common problem as I do have this same problem. It is totally frustrating and pissing off all of us that we knowing there are NO doctor that cares would do some research testing, experiment to cure this ****** hacking problems.

I start to having this problem; when I first ate tuna from the canned; it all suddent stuck in my throat, afterward I eat anything else, it build up. I do not understand becuase I have always drinking water; chew it until it was all solved before I swollow, all my food goes on the another side. Seems the right side of my throat is blocked with food. Frustring I agree, and then it stays overnight, I wake up smell so horrible breath, I can smell it, nasty especially I am freak on neat hygine. I have found out few method would possible works. If you guys would like to try go ahead ;)

1) cut lemon into wadge put little salt on it then bite suck the lemon juice to your throat (that will kills the bad baterica and the breath from onion; garlic  stuff like that.)

2) now if all of you are very creative; why not try this.. collect ALL herbs tea you see in the store. ginger *it may taste nasty but helps*, green tea, honey with lemon tea, chilomile tea, all brands from Tazo tea they have about 10 different kinds of tea use it all, chinese teas.... now you take one tea bags from each boxes you collect it may be 15 bags of teas, remember this one thing; Herbs can help your body, it is good for your body though; if only one kind of tea would only help one part of body, so when you get variety kind of tea bags *LIPTON NO GOOD not good for you do not use this brand*, they have different kind of herbs would work your entire body organs to keep it healthy means it could help you with the throat problemss. It does help me out alot it works. BOIL it all bags in the HOT WATER, *Heats kills the baterica* ;)

3) Vinger; add lemon and salt, put in microwave, until it gets very hot, drink it. ;) it will kill the baterica also.

4) Austrila's finest tea tree oil, you can add this medication to your tea, any kind of drink you drink but important that your drinks are very hot. Tea oil tree may taste awful and it would numb your feelings for temperarity it is truely POWERFUL kills all germs outside and inside, amazing medication. just put ONE drop, if too much you would not like it but just one drop, is good enough. ;) It works on me too.

5) this is most important; I know most of you guys may already know but when I read some post; some people wondering why they get bad breath sometimes etc... first have to know this have to have a good oral hygine; means brush your teeth; clean your tongue; clean your gums; floss your teeth that would helps A LOT to less baterica; you also can add little tea oil tree to your toothpaste just alittle, that would helps kills most the baterica in your mouth even the back of your throat; can less the odor; then you floride your mouth. Then you can do something else. ;) (this is to less the bad breath that food has left on the back of your throat. so it wont bother your family, people that have been around you.

I guess this is enough for right now and I Hope everything above would be able to help some of you. good luck. ;)

Blue Sea
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Interesting points and comments from everyone. Much appreciated.  I as well have an issue with the mucous in the throat.  It is more dominant after eating, but also exists consitently throughout the day.  It appears to have started 8 months ago when I had surgery for a broken nose. Since then, I feel this constant nasal drip and congestion that feels like it is laying on my vocal cords.

Besides the annoying and constant throat clearing, the biggest impact is on my voice.  Constantly hoarse, irritated, strained.  I feel like I sound like Katherine Hepburn or a 90 year old smoker.  I may have even developed a dysphonia that overly compensates for this.  Not sure if others on this forum have the same impact with their voice, but I would be interested in hearing that I am not alone and any additional suggestions.

Based on everyone's feedback, I am absolutely pursuing the following: Mucinex, no dairy in the diet, and a herbal spray called "Clear Voice" that singers are supposed to use. And, I am also going to try the vinegar solution. I love vinegar, so I have no issues doing that. I'll keep you posted.  Any other thoughts comments would be welcomed.
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Hi - I've only suffered with this for a few months, but already it is ruling my life!!  I see one or two postings mention PROPOLIS - Has anyone tried the PROPOLIS throat spray? What type of PROPOLIS has worked best for you?
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I recently tried Propolis in tincture form.  I think it helps but it is so difficult to use in this form as it is like a straight shot of serious alcohol.  But it seemed to cut through the mucous.  I will try the chewing gum and see how that works.  

I have have been dealing with this throat clearing situation for 8-10 months and saw and ENT who suggested it is acid reflux and prescribed Previcid, which did nothing to help.  Another doctor suggested trying Sudafed and/ or give up dairy products for a week.  I did both for over 3 weeks and neither helped.

I am now trying Mucinex and I think I will try the Propolis gum and I'll let you know how that works.  Good luck, everyone!
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I am a 21 year old black male, who was once a very out going and just full of life kind of guy...but for about 6 years ive been fighting with this congestion i have and it seems to have been getting the better of me since the fight first began. When i wa 12 i broke out with a horrible body rash all over my body and since then i havent been the same. The rash had cleared up really fast but since then i couldnt put on good weight, when i got in heated or hot areas i start to sweat and get sticky and itchy suddenly. in lower temperatures i get really cold to the shivering point. in the last 4 years i realized i dont eat as much and its because my throat and stomach havent been the same either, in school i use to sit by the window and i always use to have a constant irritating cough,  that itched my throat and sinuses and it wouldnt go away until about 10 to 20 somethings coughs after, the class would stop and just look at me for the whole time they were puzzled and so was I. soon after that thats when the rash came. the docs never found out what it was and i was 12 then so to this day i dont know what that was so here i have this other sickness i cant seem to shake and know one knows what it is, ive been tested for everything and it all comes back negative so its already ruled out that it isnt something in my blood, (to my knowledge)......but now i get this congested feeling which is worse after eating or drinking, and its so horrible i dont even eat as much as i desire and that caused me to loose alot of weight so here i am this 21 year old dude who is very talented ,  educated . loves having fun meeting new people , and just living life period, but recently things havent been good for me, i dont go out anymore because my self esteem has dropped to a low not the lowest but not too far from it either... and i was never the one with low self esteem, i use to be very confident but i had all right to be I was handsome(still not bad looking tho) athletic, i had a beautiful and loving girlfriend of 4 years, an associates degree in computer science, and i was preparing to take my independent music label to the next stage but it is all just a dream and a hope now,,, it even turned into a prayer too...because i cant believe that i was this it dude and now im like on the other side of the field totally my life has changed  from this congestion i hardly do anything today and im still very very young i turned 21 july 23rd and all i do these days is work work work beeing that i have a ******* full oh medical bills to pay because i tried every doctor in va for long periods of time and nothing helped yet.please help
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Is anyone having dental and/ or bad breath due to mucus build up?
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I've been plagued by this sinus **** for months myself here.  I finally gave up smoking years ago and thought I'd never be hacking again, hah!

Anyway lets get to it.  I could, while up and moving around, breathe just fine through my nose, no 'congestion' so to speak, but the CONSTANT drainage into my throat.  My upper sinus (upper respratory I guess) was packed with mucus too.  

At night the **** would drain down into my lungs (my lungs still ache some) and I would sometimes be stuffed up when I woke up and have to clean it all out.  Most often I would have infected mucus too, yellowish green or the like instead of clear.

I have gone through boxes and boxes of tissues cleaning this junk out.

So after months of this and thinking I should have gotten over this sinus infection or whatever it is I finally broke down and went to the doctor.   He told me that I had some water on my ear and it could be an infection and explained a lot about it.  Then he told me that while he could give me a shot with anti-biotics and some other goodies and a script for a z-pack of antibotics to fill several days later that it could be VERY difficult to get the problem solved as there really isn't much blood flow in the upper cavities.

So two shots and a script later and several more weeks I've still got the problem.  Now it's time to start doing some googling on the subject of homeopathic health!

Geez the HUGE PILE of information out there!   Lots of good stuff too, interestingly a lot of stuff the pharm. companies would just as soon you not know about I suppose.  (keep ya sick and dying till your bankrupt)  ...anyway I'll stay off the soapbox.. (meds have their place)

So I found a website talking about washing out your sinus cavities and cleaning out the junk...

I went to Walgreens and bought a device that looks like a small plastic teapot and comes with saline packets to rinse out your sinuses and that helps to get a majority of the junk out in the mornings / evenings.  The thing is called a SinuCleanse kit:


Dunno if the links will post but you will know what to look for anyway.

Then I was doing some other research and somehow came across an article on 'zapping'.  I won't go into depth but it's basically a simple circuit device (bought one off of ebay for like 13 dollars, easier than getting out the soldering iron!) that is hooked to some contacts (copper tubing or something) and you hold one in each hand and it puts a tiny amount of DC voltage (5 to 9v) in you (can't really feel it) and it kills the parasites in your body.  

Anyway I have a Tens unit, which is a medical device that is similar in function but for other uses, and I fooled with it for a day or two until the ebay item showed up.

In somewhere between 3 and 5 days I went from going through boxes of tissues to virtually none!  Mind you I was taking lots of vitamins to help my immune system too.  My sinuses are still draining down the back of my throat (and God only knows how much gunk is in my lungs because of this) but it is MUCH more manageable.

Let me explain how drastic of a change it was.  I work graveyards and my work week ended thursday morning.  I knew I only had 4 saline packets left for my sinus cleanse thing so I went straight from work to Walgreens and bought a 100 pack.  

They had a 40 pack but I had no inclination that I would not be using the thing a couple of times a day any time soon.  Between using the devices from thursday till monday or so it was a dramatic difference!  I've used maybe 6 or 8 packets in the last few WEEKS!  

I've been having some problems the last several days so am going to try the saline solution with a small salt mix that I was reading about on another website.

Now before you go screaming 'hocus pocus' or 'quack medicine' I'll post a link to one of several books written by the lady who came up with this device.  The book is called 'The Cure For All Disease' and she does sell it but also GIVES it away for personal use.  Here is a PDF link, right click on it and save it to your desktop.  It's about 5 meg so will take a while.   I've only read about 200 of the 600 pages or so but this lady explains a LOT about why we're sick, how we get sick and how to prevent and recover from this.  

It all makes good sense too so far, doesn't require much faith the way she expains it.  Anyway here is the link:

On another website I was reading that some doctors (still the minority I think) say that you don't catch a cold or get an infection from your mouth or nose but only through your ears.  Do you put your fingers in your ears a lot or have other ear problems?

A little over the counter hydrogen peroxide will kill the infection (germs bugs etc) in there.  If you don't have metal dental work (and if your careful if you do) you can get off of toothpaste and mouthwash and brush gently with a mix of that and water (I just use it straight 3% and avoid my 2 fillings)

This will help knock down the smell problem that you might have too, you can gargle with a hydrogen peroxide and water mix to kill the germs.  Most germs are anerobic and don't live well in an oxygen rich enviroment and hydrogen peroxide is just oxygen and water (well basically).

My sinuses wre doing pretty good up until a few days ago so I am going to try some peroxide in my ears and try and remember what I've ate the last several days that is different from the past few weeks. (well besides the chocolate chip cookies, not giving those up! hehe)

  ...but the thing is I still need to narrow down and figure out what is CAUSING the problem.  Is it just an infection that I still haven't managed to get rid of yet?  Is it something inviromental?   Until I figure that out neither drugs nor surgery will be of much help.  

This forum is definately a place that I will be keeping up with though!

in a closing note (need to get back to work!) the only thing I recall being different around the time all of this started was my wife had bought a bunch of those battery powered, oil fragrance devices and has them all over the house.   I've disabled them about a week ago but doesn't seem to make a difference.  

I wonder if we could all compile a list of foods we eat, products we use and other items and see what comes up in common?   Might be worth building a website with 'radio' buttons to choose from and see what comes of it.

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I have found that the nasal wash has worked the best for me. I don't use the nettie pot. I take a handful of the solution and inhale it through my nose and bring this out the mouth. The force of the inhalation loosens the phlegm and I spit it out. I have gotten to the point where I can feel it in my throat and then i will do the nasal wash. It a solution of 2quarts of water, 2tablespoons of salt and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. You boil the water and then add the ingredients, let cool and store in a glass bottle. I do this every morning and whenever i feel a need throughout the day. the nettie pot will help your sinuses not what is hanging in your throat. I swear by this. I also take a total of 2400mgs of mucinex or humibid. this and lots of water will help. a decongestant will also help, but you have to watch out for your blood pressure cus this can raise it. If you are producing excessive mucous then you must be allergic to something, allergy testing is a must, not just the skin test either. I went through the gammut of shots until they found out what the problem was. Chronic Rhinitis, thick mucous is a sympton of this, and this only gets thicker as you get older.
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I have just started to have a bit of a mucus problem. It always feels like there's something in the back of my throat, and I almost feel like I can't breathe at times (I have to remind myself to breathe through my nose!). I think I know what I need to do: about a year ago I started "oil pulling" to naturally whiten my teeth (Google oil pulling and read through the loads of forums on it, you'll see how awesome it is). I bought a bottle of sunflower oil ($4.99 at Wholefoods) and every morning BEFORE I ate anything or brushed my teeth (it must be on an empty stomach) I would swig a large tablespoon-sized portion of it into my mouth and swish it around for about 20 minutes (the longer the better; you get used to doing it while you are doing other things). I did this for about 3 solid weeks, and after the first week, my teeth were like shiny pearls! They felt squeaky clean all day, even after all the junk I ate and drank. The other upside was my skin looked fabulous! Go research this stuff because it seems to cure all sorts of ailments involving the mouth and throat. It takes a minute to get used to (the texture is kinda weird at first), but there is definitely something healing going on when you do this. Hope this helps!
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cant doctors knock you out stick a tube down your throat and then suck the mucus out and diagnose you??
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recently i have developed HORRIBLE ALLERGIES, tho ive had them since i was young but they never reli bothered me til now. i developed the worst sinus infection ive ever had in my life this summer and ive been sufferinng ever since. after losing 10 lbs and not eating for weeks cuz the mucus made me so naucious, i went to an allergist. my reguular doctor misdiagnosed me and refused to help..sayin it was a head cold...what an ***. sorry i am just tired of the post nasal drip because i still get naucious and my stomach is completely messed up! i just want to feel like myself again :( im going to college soon and i dont want to suffer anymore! :( if anyone has any suggestions could you please let me know??? im currently on zyrtec, cingulair, asterpro, and nasonex.
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recently i have developed HORRIBLE ALLERGIES, tho ive had them since i was young but they never reli bothered me til now. i developed the worst sinus infection ive ever had in my life this summer and ive been sufferinng ever since. after losing 10 lbs and not eating for weeks cuz the mucus made me so naucious, i went to an allergist. my reguular doctor misdiagnosed me and refused to help..sayin it was a head cold...what an ***. sorry i am just tired of the post nasal drip because i still get naucious and my stomach is completely messed up! i just want to feel like myself again :( im going to college soon and i dont want to suffer anymore! :( if anyone has any suggestions could you please let me know??? im currently on zyrtec, cingulair, asterpro, and nasonex.
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sorry i didnt mean to leave the same to comments! btw has anyone else's stomach become irritated from the post nasal drip? its horrible when i go to sleep. my stomache makes these popping noises and messed up my digestive system! my allergist put me on prilosec as well and i am now getting allergy shots..but i am still suffering..hopefully the frost will help resolve some of my seasonal allergies. my sinus infection lasted 2 1/2 months and i cudnt leave my house :( now its my sinusitis and allergies that are causing these problems but once again if someone could pleasee give me any suggestions it would be much appreciated!!
and i COMPLETELY sympathize with anyone else who is suffering from the stupid MUCUSS!
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I have had this same problem for years too...it got worse when I moved to texas....don't know if its what's in the air...but I am constantly clearing my throat and have lots of drainage.....I have found the only thing that works for me at night is actifed..it really helps me sleep better...but as for in the day I think its better...but using that ocean spray in nose really clears sinuses out...u can get it at wallgreens....hope everyone finds relief...cause its a miserable thing to go through.....
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Have your lungs checked. It may not be sinuses, especially if you lived in a non-smoke-free home. We lived in toxic mold three and a half years and after we evacuated, it turns out I know have COPD. Which causes that mucus. In asthmA, for example, your bronchial tube swells and has mucus as the air it's able to expel ( not breathing in, but breathing out) gets less and less room.

Included with this is constantly clearing your throat, coughing, possibly wheezing, and yes, after a while your vocal cords now make you cough. Laughing. Cold, heat, crying. And because you're so mucusEd up, you'll gag and sometimes throw up. The act of being sick then causes an asthmA attack..  I'm Rambling. Please, sinuses not causing this, nor allergies, or ENT, have your lungs checked. Also if you already use asthma or COPD medicine, check the INHALENT ingredient. Turns out I'm allergic to the ones in several types. It took.A couple of years to figure it out and saved my life. Everything got back to MY normal. Good luck! Oh and I tried the vinegar, too and I gag. It really stinks. I even tried putting it in a roast and.. Nasty stuff!
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glad  to  know  im  not  the  only  one  but  sux  that  no one  has  found  a  way  to  get  rid  of  it! Guess  im  stuck  with  this  flem  like  feeling  in  my  throat  for  now.  at  least  i  know  not  to  waste  my  time  seeing  doctors.  if  anyone  out  there  has  found  a  cure  or  solution  to  whatever  this  annoying  thing  is..please  let  us  know!!!
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