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Top ( soft ) Palate & Throat Chronic Infection with Sinus

Had frequent sinus attacks along with top ( soft ) palate & throat infection since childhood almost every time treated by doctors with antibiotics like Amoxycilin, Ciprox, Erythromycin, etc. If I tried home remedies like steam inhalation, hot water gargling, etc. infection worsens to the extent it effects digestion. However, after 50+ age now, these attacks getting more frequent, almost monthly even after treatment by antibiotics. Also, I get tired easily & feel weak & aching in extremities. Now, after recent infection & subsequent treatment there is voice change & feeling of a coating on top side of palate whereas none is visible & on having even little food there is fullness in the chest area along with tiredness & body ache. Kindly advise tests / medication.
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Your  long history of apparent sinus and throat infection raises the question of a possible deficiency of your immune system; that is, a defect in your resistance to infection.  There are a number of possible causes of the weakness and tiredness you describe (including adverse effects of antibiotics), unrelated to infection one of which, gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) could cause the irritation you experience or predispose to recurrent infection.

I suggest that you and your doctors seek a 2nd opinion from an ENT specialist and/or an Infectious Disease specialist at the nearest University Medical Center.

Good luck
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