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Triple tongue piercing and respiratory brain response

Hello, I have triple tongue piercing and I find it difficult to breath sometimes to the point of brain hemorrhage, or something like that, where blood rushes from my brain to my throat/lower tongue and I feel like vomiting. The pain is about a 6 on the pain scale, but the brain hemorrhage is worrying. I think I can benefit from oxycodone but I'm afraid to ask a doctor because they will just tell me to take out the piercings if it's that bad, and that's not what I am going to do. What should I do to tell my doctor that I believe oxycodone would help greatly.
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Reading here https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/3034083/ beta endorphin is released during brain hemorrhage. I would assume synthetic opiates like oxycodone would agonise the receptor that the released endorphin during brain hemorrhage normally would be agonising. Assuming that, I could say that oxycodone would be beneficial.
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Update: just made some poppy seed tea. My pain is down to a lower number and not a 6 anymore, which means I can concentrate on other things besides the tongue pain. However, my brain is still hemorrhaging the opiate doesn't help that, and it might be making it worse. I wonder if a semi synthetic pill like oxycodone, instead of codeine and morphine would be a better euphoriant for the dysphoria I feel inside from hurting piercings. Also I wonder if the poppy seed tea is adding to the hemorrhaging because of excess body fluids being pressurized into my body for later expelling. I bet a semi synthetic like oxycodone would be the best, maybe oxymorphone? Maybe if I make the poppy seed tea into a resin to take as a pill, that might help. However, I am not going to do that because it would get expensive and might be becoming illegal. However poppy seed tea remains legal. Hopefully a doctor can help.
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