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Trouble breathing, I need help!

Below is the description of my symptoms:

DYSPNEA (symptoms of the last 10 days)
-Hard to breathe all day.
-Shallow breathing only. Deep breathing has no effect and tires me.
-Gets worse after eating.
-Tired of breathing. Every day all day is a roller coaster of a hard time breathing and a very hard time breathing.
-There's a constant squeezing in the left side of my chest.
-Weak physically to walk. Going up stairs isn't easy anymore.
-My face, chest, belly, legs and arms go to sleep very easily. Two hard coughs for example will cause my face and belly to go numb.
-My head always feels hot and my limbs cold.
-Arrhythmia frequently
-Constant need to drink water to open up my throat.
-Constant need to sniffle to make the air go out faster to compensate for lack of breathing.
-Throat and nose are closed up.
-Itching all over my body especially when lying down. The whole area scratched becomes elevated/inflamed.
-Rationalization is slower.
-Serious crises last between 45 minutes to 4 hours. During the crises the difficulty breathing as well as everything above gets worse.

In the last 5 years I've had a problem with tachycardia/arrythmia that comes with the same squeezing in my chest. When the arrythmia hits it seems that there's something in my throat. When it's supposed to beat 3 times it'll beat twice and there will be a pause. There have been spaces of months in which the squeezing sensation went away along with the arrythmia/difficulty to breathe. They come together.

I have suspected asthma, anemia, heart failure, allergies, and problems associated with the thyroid. I can't find a definitive answer. Currently I'm taking medication for asthma.

I did an x-ray and basic blood test which came out normal.
I was given breathing treatment (beotec + atrovent) at the hospital + an antiallergic iv. I'm taking formoterol fumarate,a salbutamol sulfate inhaler and I'm using a budesonide nasal spray. None of this seems to be solving the problem.

It seems that this could be an allergy to food. 5 years ago I did some blood tests for allergies such as milk, eggs, soybeans, peanuts, fungi and everything came out normal. Dustmites, household dust and especially immunoglobulin IgE, which was 8x higher than the acceptable limit, came out high. I have psoriasis. The itching all over my body is not related to the psoriasis. I also don't have a cough unlike most breathing issues including asthma that generally is associated with a one.

I am not able to work well or at all and because of this my situation is becoming extremely complicated. I don't know what to do. I am treating this as if it were asthma but the medicine doesn't seem to be making a difference. I'm eating very healthy and my wife is helping me with this. If I go to the hospital I'm going to wait a few hours to be given the same treatment as before (inhaling treatment and an iv). A trip to the hospital in itself is very hard for me at the moment and doesn't fix the problem. I've changed everything in my life. I'm doing everything healthy possible. I'm waiting to get better. I'm frequently prostrated without air and without a solution. I desperately need someone that can help me, give me ideas and/or shed some light, any light, about this subject. I need someone who would care enough about me to not just say the problem's in my head when it's most definitely not. I promise I will repay this favor tenfold.
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Can we start with all the tests you have had?

Feel free to pm me if you prefer .
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