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Undiagnosed throat swelling sensation

Has anyone experienced this that could help? I had an unexpected allergic reaction to Ampicillan 2 months ago. Vomiting, rash, slight throat swelling. Hospital gave my Benydryl and Prednisone - went away. One week later I thought I had a sore throat, feelings of severe throat swelling. Dr. said it was tonsillitis, Biaxin didn't work, put me on Levaquin and Prednisone.  ENT said it was my lymph nodes and to stop the antibiotics. Test show swollen lymph nodes (no tumors/abnormalities) and elevated white cell count indicating infection. 2nd ENT scoped my nasal passages into throat - found nothing. Suggested chronic tonsilitis but looked okay.  Waiting for allergy tests but experience daily throat swelling sensation and shortness of breath, sore throat, swollen uvula.  Trip to emergency room suggested it is psychosomatic as breathing and throat were fine - want to believe this but I am in dispair due to constant feelings of choking due to sensation of swelling.  Lymph nodes are swollen and painful, pain radiating into ears and feelings of sore throat exist.  I am on Prednisone and Singulair.  Singulair makes me feel worse. I can't help but wonder if they are overlooking something.  My blood pressure has been higher in the past few months and I am slightly anemic.  
Has anyone found relief from the constant sensation of a swelling throat.  Right now, I feel totally helpless.
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This is probably an issue to discuss more with someone who looks directly into your throat when you are feeling this sensation.  It is certainly possible to have an inflammation there with significant obstruction, which is making you feel that there is swelling present.  However, this is not likely, if there was no response to prednisone.  Working with an allergist and/or the ENT is still the best chance of getting some relief.
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i occasioanlly get a similar sensation in my throat - in my case it's excess sticky mucus that's triggering the sensation - it feels like there's stuck food. I can cough and suck out the mucus and it goes away. I get the mucus from eating corn products and in hayfever season. do you have a 'frog in you throat'  - crackly voice, cough etc that might indicate excess mucus? I also get it when i have a nasal infection, so that seems to fit with the white bllod cell count and swollen glands indicating an infection. Hopefully it will resolve naturally.
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I don't think it has to do with mucus.  My blood tests indicate infection.  I still think it is my tonsils - although my ENT claims they aren't infected, they throb and I feel sore throat pain in that area.  They also feel swollen. I'm on my third course of antibiotics - Ketek - which is creating pains in my stomach and prednisone, which is creating leg pains and anxiety.

Has anyone had tonsillitis experience like this?
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Hopeful 33,  well I can't tell you enough that when I was reading ur blog it was almost a relief, because I know EXACTLY how you feel.  I have been having chronic throat problems now for about a year.  Started last year, with strep throat.  Long story short, kept getting strep, turned into chronic tonsillitis, which inevitably led to me having my tonsils taken out.  Cut to the last six months.  I have been having episodes where my the back of my throat starts to swell, i have trouble swallowing, I feel like I can't breath, and the glands under my chin are huge!  I've been on everything, from the Z-pac to leviquin, and also Ketek, which is new and by the way was the only antibiotic that did anything, so if you can stomach it I'd say give it a shot.  But taking my tonsils out has not made this "feeling of choking" go away!  Yes, I have fewer infections, BUT the tightness is worse.  I feel like I never fully recovered from my tonsillectomy, so here I am still a year later now into this.  Had my nasal cavities cleared!  We thought maybe it was Candida so I took medication for that,  tried Zeyrtec for allergies, maybe its the ears, or dryness of the throat.  Have you tried getting a humidifier? I have not, but am thinking that may help both of us.  There is also something i found today online called Quincy (perintonsiller abcess) which could possibly be in the back of your throat and swells when its irritated.. I am going back to the doctors tomorrow, a different one and am going to ask about it.  It comes and it goes.  I haven't been able to really pinpoint what triggers it, sometimes horrible, where i too have been rushed to the hospital, and given a shot of pretnezone.   And although I do know how very real it is, I think sometimes it is stress related.  I am noticing everytime I really start to get over worked about anything my throat flares up.  But it is more than uncomfortable, it is scary and painful, and starting to seriously take a toll on me.  I find myself not talking a lot in fear of having an epsiode that will last sometimes a week.  I can't figure out if this has just been the result of some really bad infections, going on and off of antibiotics, and just not ever healing properly, or what.  My ears click all the time as well now.  I'm on a mission to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.  So please keep me informed on anything you find, or learn.  I will do the same.  I feel your pain.  u
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I went to an internist yesterday.  He suggested we look into GERD or LPR - acid reflux.  He gave me prevacid (chewable) to take half hour before I eat.  Today is the first day I feel like I am not choking.  I looked into the symptoms of acid reflux - throat irritation and constriction, pain in ears, lump in throat (Globus hysteria) are all symptoms.  Every antibiotic they gave me, especially the Ketek, made it worse.  I had to chew them and I was having chest pains...which was the acid reflux.  Apparently the acid splashes up on your throat creating all those symptoms.  I don't know if this is the final diagnosis, but I am truly HOPEFUL today.  Please consider this as a source of your problem.  I have been eating creamy soups and yogurt or cereal with milk for seven weeks - because that's all I could handle.  All those things make acid reflux worse as do antibiotics.  I called my ENT today to ask if I could stop the Ketek.  She said that they deal with GERD all the time in matters of the throat.  My brother has GERD - his symptoms were different, more in his chest.  Please look into it.  I hope you feel better soon. I also felt my life was dependent on my throat swelling.  It is a truly horrible experience.  Good luck.  I will let you know if this is the final diagnosis as soon as I know.
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Throatmonster - Try looking into LPR, which is Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Disease.  Apparently, the Larynx can allow acid into the throat, causing great distress.  The esophagus can handle the acid, but the throat cannot.  Therefore, it creates sore throat, earache, swelling or feelings of constriction.  It's worth a try.  I believe it may be my problem and I am, for once, optimistic that this can be resolved.  Good luck, throatmonster.  I hope you look into it.  I originally dismissed the idea of acid reflux as I had no symptoms.  Anything is worth a try.
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