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Unexplained Shortness of Breath

Hoping you can help. I am a 36-year old female with a history of asthma, allergies, high blood pressure, severe, chronic constipation and generalized anxiety. I currently take the following medications: Serevent Diskus, Pulmicort, Allegra, Benicar (40mg), Prevacid (30mg), Slow FE, Ovral (BC pills - continuous), (1/2 dose Citrucil + 1 T. Milk of Magnesia + 1 capful Miralax for constipation)and Florastor. About 5 weeks ago, began having shortness of breath (during cold period). This was not unusual as my asthma has difficulty during cold temps and my allergies have problems due to dust allergies and mold. Was told to increase inhaler to 2 puffs/2x day by general doctor. Did not seem to help. Continued feeling short of breath at rest and when walking around. Am breathing mostly through my mouth,labored breathing (especially during exhale) and often take a deep breath in middle of a sentence. BP and pulse have increased. (Resting pulse is 95-105). Not sure if this is due to anxiety or something else. BP med was just increased to 40 mg. Peak flows are normal, chest sounds clear and spirometry is normal. Had recent chest x-ray, blood work, EKG and CAT scan to rule out blood clot in lungs. All were normal. Pulse Ox was 99%. Am concerned about what is causing this problem - could this be anxiety, allergies, increased pulse making me think I'm out of breath, or possibly even pulmonary hypertension? I've tried adding on Ventolin, but it just increases my pulse and makes me very jittery which makes me feel more out of breath. Any suggestions? Should I see a pulmonologist?
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It is difficult to tell from the information that you have provided whether your shortness of breath is due to a lung problem or anxiety.  You are taking good medicines to control your asthma.  An increased pulse and feeling very jittery are common side effects from Ventolin
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Also wanted to add: During this time, I have also experienced an increase in post nasal drip, but coughing things up doesn't appear to help the shortness of breath. Am more concerned about something serious - such as pulmonary hypertension as I've had shortness of breath and increased pulse.
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Wanted to add one more thing. Wondering if increased pulse could be due to my recent increase in BP medicine. I have a history of being very sensitive to medications and sensitive to meds that cause palpitations. My doctor says the increase is BP med is not related to my pulse, but I'm not sure.
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have they checked your sinuses? can you breathe thru your nose?
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Is your BP medicine a beta-blocker?  This can cause increased SOB.
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