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Unilateral diaphragm weakness

I have been diagnosed  with a slight left side diaphram weakness. I struggle with getting in a deep breath  but I do not get breathless . It  started 18 months ago . It has improved but not hugely  has anyone had this problem  did it cause acid  reflux as mine did  ? That's under control now with medication .i also  have quite contrary symptoms to what I believe should have , for example swimming should be difficult because of the water pressure on diaphragm , I don't have any problem , also can breath better when lying down .. Again should be worse lying flat . I feel worse if my stomachs empty as if all the air makes my stomach higher so pushes on the diaphragm nt he pressure makes me need to take in a breath. But sort of feels like air traps  if I have something fizzy to burp it relieves it a bit . I am currently using a breath appliance that's. Supposed to strengthen the diaphragm muscles and. Breathing muscles to try and help things   I don't really like the sound or diaphragm plication and was told by my consultant it s not that effective .  Has anyone else got these symptoms did it improve ?
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Have not been on the site for a while, but I had something somewhat similar to what you describe.  My problem was being unable to breathe lying down, and water pressure blocking breathing if it was over my chest.  Was diagnosed with a paralyzed right diaphragm.  Wound up with a c-pap machine which allowed me to breathe lying down, so I could sleep in bed and not sitting in a chair.
Turned out it was not.  What I had is called Parsonage Turner Syndrome, a nervous system disorder.  Look it up and compare symptoms.
It's considered rare, with no known cause or cure, just time, they say 5-10 years.  What I have found out since.
They believe it can be triggered by an unusually bad flue or cold, one that can drag on for weeks.  The symptoms start maybe 3 or 4 months later so the connection to the cold/flue is not always obvious.
In my case I found that acupuncture and osteopath treatments helped, managed to get rid of it in 3 years.
May not be what you have, but worth reading up to see.
Good luck with it.
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