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Upper chest and back pain

So last night when I went to bed I had some minor chest pain when I lied down.  I figured it was probably some heartburn and managed to get to sleep.

I wake up today and the pain is still there.  The pain is located in the chest area and the upper back, like between the shoulder blades.  It really only hurts when I breath in or bend over.  Otherwise it's pretty much non-existent.  It also seems to become a bit more acute when I lie down, making sleep a little difficult.

Now when I first woke up and felt the pain was still there, I called 911 and got a couple of EMTs to show up at my apartment.  They ran some tests for my heart and found nothing wrong.  If anything they commented that I was in pretty damn good health.

I declined going to the hospital as I dislike being there and I don't have insurance, so I can't afford to pay for the amount of tests they'll probably want to do.  I am going to see my doctor tommorow, probably have him take a chest x-ray.  However if anyone is able to maybe give me a little peace of mind by suggesting what it could be would be helpful.

A couple of other things I should let you know.  I don't have a cough nor do I feel sick.  I don't feel the "crackling" sensation I've had before when my chest is congested.  While I do smoke, I havn't smoked today since my chest hurts.  Not smoking hasn't seem to help alliviate the problem, though.  Also, my roommate had a really bad throat cold last week, though she's over it and wasn't complaining about the symptoms I'm experiencing.  Anyway, any ideas of what might be wrong with me would be appreciated.
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A couple of things I forgot to mention.  I'm a 25 year old male and I've been smoking for roughly six years.  For the past few weeks I've been taking Xanax once a day or every other day for panic attacks.  For the first time since I started taking the Xanax I've gone a couple of days without feeling the need to pop a pill.  I know this chest pain is not a panic attack as I've been calm and collected throughout it and the pain has lasted well-over 12 hours now.  Plus the symptoms I've had from panic attacks never included chest pain.  It was always sweaty palms, tingling in arms, rapid heartbeat, and a "surreal" feeling, none of which I'm feeling.
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