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Urge to Take Deep Breaths - PARTII

Hello, I'm Maria, 25 yrs old. I'm a new member here by the way. Just want to share my story on how my urge on taking deep breaths started.

Last Aug.10 I was diagnosed with Pneumonia - bilateral and then I started my medication right away. On my first day my body was so ill, that I couldn't barely eat any foods like noodles.. I feel nauseous, dizzy, my nose were congested, my body aches and can't breathe properly. Few weeks later my symptoms improved due to my medication and treatment and somehow and can eat as much foods as I want and regain my strength, but my breathing isn't just normal as before.

Sept. 1, I thought I was okay, I thought it was fine to move around and clean my room. But after cleaning I felt tired and saw myself wheezing and catching my breaths. It was like something is stuck on my throat that I couldn't breath properly. What my partner did was he bought a medicine (specifically an expectorant called Robitussin) to somehow ease the breathlessness I'm feeling. I took the medicine quickly and after about 5 mins.  I felt nauseous and basically ran to the bathroom and vomited. I just vomited pure liquid, a white liquid-like soft mucus. My partner confirmed that all of the vomit were mostly mucus. Maybe because I always use Vicks Inhaler that It dries up my phlegm on the throat and makes them thicker and sticky that's why my chest is congested.

After vomiting, I felt at ease, my chest felt clear and my throat was widen. It was by the time we decided to consult a doctor and said that I have an Acute Bronchitis. I felt sad a little bit I need to be optimistic. Few weeks on medication and my symptoms where improving again. Days and days pass until now October 1 I feel good now. But my breathing is still not normal than before. I'm always having an urge to take deep breaths or always yawn just to take deep breaths, I just don't understand. No matter how hard I try not to but I always feel like I have to take deep breaths.

Just want to know if this urge will go away in a few months? I'm just thinking that maybe I experience this breathing problem because I had pneumonia before. Based on my research, pneumonia recovery last up to 6 months. Is it because I'm still on recovery or will this urge go away on it's own??? Please help me.
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