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Virus Causing Chest/Stomach Pain?

Hello Doctor

From 2 days ago i started having this stomach discomfort and i felt very gassy at times. I thought its just a stomach problem but from yesterday i started having a low grade fever (which i dont have today) and a chest pain. It feels like someone is pouring hot water on my chest when i breath. Its not really a sharp pain i dont really know how to explain the feeling. From today i started feeling like i have diarrhea too but every time i go to bathroom nothing comes out. I just feel like i need to go. Yesterday i also went to a walkin clinic and he said that my chest sounds clear and its probably a virus. I wanted to know if a virus could cause this kind of chest discomfort with stomach symptoms?

I dont have any other cold or flu symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes, sore throat...

im scared it might be something more serious than a virus.

Thank U
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Sounds like you might have a mild case of the flu, caused as you suggest, by a virus.  It is a good sign that the stomach discomfort has cleared-up and the walk-in clinic people found your lungs to be clear.  If this is the flu or a flu-like viral illness, the other symptoms should start to subside very soon.  That your lungs were “clear” makes the feeling of “someone pouring hot water on my chest when I breathe” less worrisome, but if this is still bothering you when you receive this response, you should have the walk-in clinic staff re-examine your lungs and take a chest x-ray.

What you describe does not suggest something “more serious than a virus”.

Good luck.
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by the way the stomach discomfort is gone now and only symptoms i have is feeling tired, dizzy, and the chest problem. i feel like i will start coughing soon because sometimes i feel my throat is kind of getting itchy.
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