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Weezing Upon Waking Up?

(Because this is the first person I have found who describes exactly what I feel, although they did back in 2006)

Posted by Jody22976, Mar 19, 2006 12:00AM
I have been having the same problem every morning for the last few weeks.  I get up in the morning, and the first deep breath I take is followed by a wheezing up the center of my chest (no sound, though).  It happens once and that is it.  I have been very worried about it.  
The air in our house is pretty dry, and I have been sneezing like crazy (maybe allergies?).
I have been trying to describe my symptoms to my family, and nobody else can relate.
Is there any other possibilities for this strange breathing?
Me: 2011

For the last few years, and occasionally, with no real repetition, I wake up some mornings (usually on my back) and the first breath, or two (the deeper I breathe the more the wheeze) my lungs wheeze. It's almost as if I lowered my breathing so much during the night my lungs compressed themselves, and then when I wake up, they struggle to re-inflate, but after that deep breath or two I'm perfectly fine. I've asked my doctor and she said simply allergies or something she's sure. But I've tried allergy medication and it hasn't helped. It's hard to show someone this problem because it's random and only when I wake up, but sometimes the soreness of expanding my lungs is painful. :-/

Does anyone have any advice?

This discussion is related to wheezing in chest area only after laying down.
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I did smoke often between the ages of 18-24, though I quit a few months ago. But this problem has occurred at random for a few years now.

Also I have had Bronchitis qutie a few times 3-5, and pneumonia once.
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I am also surprised to find this post.  I have had this symptom for years.  It usually happens when I sleep on my back or if I lay on my back on the couch for half hour or longer, I experience it.  When I get up, the first breath is much like clearing a fluid from my lungs. I often can only fill my lungs half way and I cough. Then next breath is fine until I reach the same point from the last breath and a deeper breath "clears" the next section until I cough.  I continue this until I can take the deepest breath possible.  Then I am fine all day.  Does this sound like your situation?
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This happened to me too. How strange. There's no pattern to it, and it happens when I lay down. I even bought a new mattress thinking I was allergic to dust mites. I was so desperate, I went and got allergy testing. I was finally diagnosed with Asthma. I was also allergic to cats, and I have two. My Allergies, trigger Difficulty breathing. When I sleep I am awoke by a whistling sound coming from my lungs/chest/throat. Not sure. But I know It''s Annoying as Ever. It's hard to get  a good nights sleep anymore. I use an inhaler 2 times a day to control symptoms..but it does not work when I am at my worst. I was a smoker 6 years ago. But these problems started in 2011. I take Zyrtec daily. Exercise and extreme cold weather trigger attacks too. There's so much going on my doctor is just throwing out guesses anymore.  
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Same here!  So what is the conclusion?
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I have the same symptoms. It started about 3 years ago. One morning when I woke and took my first deep breath in, my chest had one sound, as if the air I breathed in cleared up a sand that landed on the way of my breath. In time, the one sand became a few, and now it is an area. It used to be just that one deep breath in the morning then the rest of the whole day is fine.
    Now it's whenever I lie down for a little while and take a deep breath. Sometimes in the morning I feel like to cough too, especially recently.
    Also, last year one night (3am) my lower chest hurt so much and I coughed so much that I almost decided to go to the emergency room.
     In the past few days, my throat feel a little pain.
    During the day, I also feel some random pain in my left or right chest when I breath out. Sometimes I feel pain in the center of my chest right next to my left breast, sometimes the pain is under my left or right breast.
    My family doctor has taken pictures a few times but couldn't see anything. She thinks I don't have any problem. Each time I was happy to hear that. But at the same time, I know my symptom is developing.
    Hope somebody can explain.
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And I never smoke or drink.
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