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What is this consistent deep itching inside left side of my chest?

17, Male, 5'8

Went to the doctor 4-5 months ago for sharp chest pains, doctor said it might be a cousin condition of costochondiritis.
Pain continued to be off and on, so I saw a cardiologist and took and EKG which checked out and the doctor said it was also likely a muscle/cartridge problem. A month later I took an xray for a pulmonologist who said I had hyperinflated lungs, a flat diapghram and that I might be experiencing bronchospasms and put me on FloVent and Abuterol. I've also been taking ibuprofen. The sharp pains have lowered, but there is now a consistent deep itch below my nipple that is very, very annoying. It's not superficial at all, and scratching has no effect on it. Lying on my right side (side away from itch) brings a slight scratch relief, as well as burping and moving/twisting certain ways, but only for temporary.  

- Occasional sharp left sided chest pain in between two ribs right below the nipple lasting 10-30 seconds
- Deep itch below nipple that can't be scratched

Previous history of the same issue:
Sharp pains have been going on for months, itching more recent

Current medications:
Everyday: FloVent, Ibuprofen Occasional: Abuterol, Tyenol

Lab tests performed:
CT Scan (with and without contrast), Two X-Rays, EKG, and Bloodwork I believe for something having to do with creatinine.
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I guess you asked the pulmonologist if the itching could be due to the medications? Medications have, unfortunately, a lot of side effects, and some times they help with something but mess up something else.
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