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What is wrong with me? Can any one help?

5th December 2009

Current Health Condition & Relevant History


I am a 26 year old female. I am 6 foot tall and currently approximately 10.12 stone.
I have recently graduated with a First class BA Hons Degree.
For the past 7 years I usually run 6 to 12 miles per day, 3 to 6 times a week unless I am too ill.
I like to hike and, so far I have climbed 29 popular mountains.
I was diagnosed with asthma at age 11. However it has never really bothered me until recently. I also suffer from poly-cystic ovaries, low immune system, long term eating disorder. I have a condition where my knee caps do not sit in the shot and move diagonally instead of vertically.
I sometimes wake in the night gasping for air- my ex boyfriend used to wake me up from sleep sometimes because I stopped breathing apparently.
I started smoking cigarettes (mainly role ups) when I was 13 years old. I stopped smoking for good, four months ago.

Current Medication

Salbutamol inhaler 100micrograms PRN
Seratide 125 mg 4 puffs a day
Erythromyocin 500mg 4x daily

Known Relevant Family History

Nana (Mother's Mother)
Lung Disease

Grandfather (Mother's side)

carrier of lung infection

Recent Condition
Four months ago I stopped smoking. Shortly after that I had short patches where I felt I was not getting enough air and shortness of breath. My chest felt tight and painful on exhalation. I then began to feel generally ill/viral. My GP listened to my chest, and diagnosed me as having a virus, a chest infection and pleurisy. I was given a curse of antibiotics. My symptoms improved for a short while except for the occasions of shortness of breath and feeling as if I was not getting enough air into my lungs. A week or so after I finished the antibiotics I fell ill again with a virus and was in bed for just over a week. When I recovered the shortness of breath and suffocating sensation increased. Sometimes my chest was wheezy but mostly not. My chest felt tight and sore when I breathed out. My GP checked my peak flow which was 450 (should be 6oo) and said my problems were due to my asthma. Up until then I had no noticeable asthma problems since childhood. The GP prescribed me a steroid inhaler. During the following two weeks my chest tightness, shortness of breath, suffocating feeling became progressively worse. I had more attacks and it lasted longer. On the 17h of November 2009 this peaked without a break and I also lost my voice. The emergency doctor referred me to A& E and I was admitted to hospital under a chronic asthma attack and suspected viral infection. I was not wheezing but very short of breath which lasted consistently for just under 23 hours. Over the 10 days I spent in hospital my shortness of breath and feeling like I was not getting enough air was inconsistent and I felt I could breath easy more than I couldn't. My chest remained tight and sore on exhalation. I developed a dry barking type cough. I also developed painful lungs which were more painful in the left lung. I developed a consistent fizzy-burning like sensation in my left lung near heart are which I have previously experience on occasion but not lasting as long as this. I began to feel very viral again (feverish, weak, sleepy, dizzy, aching limbs, feeling like I'd been poisoned etc).My voice slowly returned and to normal tone, I had no wheezing.
The doctors gave me regular 2.5mg of salbutamol nebulisers, and a course of  steroid tablets for 10 days. I did not feel this significantly improved my condition. My regular observations including SATS were always mostly fine. I showed between 98 & 100% oxygen levels in my blood twice a day. I received 2 ECG tests which were fine. I received an ex ray which was classed as normal. My blood gases and blood tests were fine and my chest sounded clear. My peak flows were still low (between 250 and 300). I did 2 spectrometer tests. One was OK but I had to repeat it the day after because I was coughing when I git towards the end of my breath. The second spirometer test showed a drop and was not ok. I did not cough on this test.
I discharged myself on the 27th November 09 as I felt I would recover better from what the doctors were saying chronic asthma and viral infection, better at home.
I returned to my parents and spent the majority of time in bed. My symptoms did not improve. My shortness of breath and feeling like I was not getting enough air, worsened. It felt more intense, I had more bouts of it and it lasted for longer. My salbutamol reliever inhaler did not seem to be working. The viral feeling increased.
I was re-admitted to hospital from clinic on the 30th November 09. This time they admitted me under suspected blood clot even though my symptoms were the same.
My steroid inhaler was changed to a stronger one, Seratide.
I had a CT scan which revealed as normal.
My heart rate/pulse continues to be normal. My peak flow was low (300 av) Again my blood oxygen levels twice a day checked, were between 99 & 100%. My blood gases were normal twice. My white blood cells levels were high at 14.8. The last blood gases taken showed oxygen levels okay but carbon dioxide levels were 2 and should be 4 to 6.
The consultant said this indicated I has hyperventilation due to anxiety and this was his final diagnosis. I had had nothing to eat for almost two days prior to the blood gas test due to being very very ill and in pain.
This consultant sent physiotherapists to me to assist me with this hyperventilation speculation.
The physiotherapists said, and wrote in my notes that they could not really help me as they did not think my problems were down to hyperventilation and that they suspected I had a chest infection.
I told the consultant that I also disagreed  with his new idea but he maintained his speculation. He told me he would review me in 6 weeks and give me a full lung function test. He also said he may refer me to an ENT clinic and clinical psychologist to give me a voice box assessment.

I was discharged from hospital on the 3rd December 2009 with the same symptoms.

Current Condition

I currently am experiencing the same symptoms except my cough has lessened, the feeling of not getting enough air has worsened and is almost constant on resting and activities although little activities done at present.
I am trying to keep my breathing slow steady despite my lungs wanting to breath quick and fast.
My pulse/heart rate is normal/steady as it always has been.
I went to the GP yesterday and told her of this situation. She listened to my chest which was clear but gave me a course of antibiotics any way based on my symptoms.

I am  ill and starting to become very worried about my illnesses.
I feel the consultant that treated me at hospital has fobbed me off.
I can not carry on like this, it is horrific.

Could you please advise me on what you think could be wrong with me and how it can be treated/ what you think I should do next.

Thank you kindly for taking the time to read this


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