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Wheezing breath after 3-5 inhales after lying down.

I'm 24, non smoker but everytime I get up after lying down, the first 3-5 inhales I make are wheezing. It doesn't hurt though. I had it for 10 years now and I suspect that one of these days, a full blown asthma would drain the breath out of me but it never happened. It must be something else. I began to suspect it's a silent acid reflux and the wheezing sound is coming from my throat but I could be wrong. I was kind of relieved that I miraculously discovered a post here from 2005 describing the same exact symptoms. If any of you has the same, kindly let me know. It's frustrating, even after 10 years. My Xray turned out well, I exercise and do yoga regularly. I limit my junk foods intake. I just have no idea what this is.
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