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First diagnosed with Bronchitis. Then Pneumonia. Then back to Bronchitis. The wheezing continued. Then sent to a hospital and diagnosed with Asthma. Prescribed many meds over the past year. For Asthma I was on Seretide 50/250 That too didn't work. I then went to another hospital and given a Spirometer test. It was perfect. I do not have Asthma.
My doctor put me back on Seretide again claiming I hadn't been taking it correctly. Hence why still wheezing. He then sends me for a CT scan. Everything normal. He said there was no problems with my chest, even though I still have wheezing and a cough.
Where do I go now regarding the cause of my problem? I do not smoke. I don't have problems with shortage of breath. If I can get rid of the wheezing I get rid of my cough. Thanks
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