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Wheezing...moist rales?


About a month ago now I developed Acute Bronchitis [violent coughing, fever, chills, etc...].  Quickly afterwards, I was given an antibiotic by my G.P.  It went away, but it came back. I was given a different Antibiotic, but this time my right lung feels as though there is something in it, it feels weighed down a little.

I had my husband listen, and he said it sounds like water droplets are in there when I breathe out.

This really concerns me, because things like this - left untreated - can lead to Pneumonia, right?  I was doing research online, and came up with 'moist rales'.  Could this be the problem?  If so, what can I do about it?

Please help me figure out what this is!
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You may have pneumonia. You may even have developed fluid around your lung from it.  This could be why you feel "weighted down".  You should call your doctor, immediately to arrange for an examination and chest X-ray.
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