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Why am i still wheezing?

Around the ending of Nov. Of 2018 i woke up and felt like my chest was congested. This proceeded with a cough i could not get rid of, wheezing and some cold coming up from time to time. I went to the dr in Dec. and was prescribed an inhaler some antibiotics. They told me i had a low fever, a sinus infection and fluid in my airways. About a month later,i went back to the dr because i was still wheezing and coughing. I then was prescribed another inhlaer, more antibiotics and prednisone. This seemed to help while being on the steroid, but after not so much. About 2-3 months later i went Back to the dr because i was still wheezing and was reccommended to a allergy dr. Here i am today, still wheezing.
I don't have asthma and this has never happened to me before.
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Hello and welcome to MedHelp's forums.  Thanks for your question.  Did you ever see the allergist?  You say you do not have any allergies so I am trying to get a handle on why you adamantly state this such as if some testing was done or a doctor's visit with a specialist cleared this possibility.  Here is some information on bronchial asthma.  There are tests that can be done to rule this out on page two.  I'm wondering if you have had any of these tests.  https://www.webmd.com/asthma/guide/bronchial-asthma#1.  I'm sure it is very frustrating and I hope that this gets resolved.
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Before going to the allergist, my pcp did a blood allergy test and found out im allergic to some common things such as pollen, dogs, and grasses. Pollen and dogs just make me sneeze, and have itchy eyes and throat. Never have i wheezed due to them. As far as the grasses, i haven't been around them. When i went to the allery dr, they did some breathing test to test me for asthma, which came back negative. He also told me that he didn't feel like i had asthma. As far as any other allergy test, i didnt get those done because i am on a beta blocker to keep my heartrate slow. He said if i were to have a bad reaction to something and they used an epipen then that would stop the purpose of the beta blocker.
I read over the link u gave and i took the Spirometry, Peak Expiratory Flow test. Everything came  back fine. They reccomended me to get a Chest X-ray which i did. I won't know the results until i go back.
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Are you short of breath?
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Are you on a steroid inhaler?
No. Just ventolin (albuterol sulfate)
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Okay, thank you for that further clarification so people here can try to help. I'm going to give a list of reasons why people wheeze. https://www.mayoclinic.org/symptoms/wheezing/basics/causes/sym-20050764.  Please take a look. Is there anything on there that would make sense at all in  your situation?  
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Only thing that would make sense is allergies.
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