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Will this bronchitis ever go away?

I went to doctor had sore throat and drainage. I told my doctor that my chest felt like it was getting congested. She gave me meds for sinus infection. I ended up getting worse, bad cough. Finished medicine not well. Went bad to doctor said I had bronchitis but went ahead and gave meds for pneumonia. Finished that, it’s now been over 5 weeks since the start of my first symptoms. For the last 2 weeks I only cough softly just mainly clear my throat. My upper back is still sore, front chest is still a little sore but I still have that heavy feeling and discomfort in my chest. It feels better once I can clear out mucus. But have all day long. Will I ever heal???
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Ugh, that's terrible.  Sorry you are feeling bad still.  So, we're sure you didn't have corona virus, right?  lol  I have to ask since it's around and you had a cough.  But in terms of a lingering cough after a respiratory illness, not uncommon.  Once those airways get irritated, it can last for over 2 months after.  Such a pain, I know.  I guess too, you have ruled out gastric reflux, correct?  Asthma?  Those also can lead to a chronic cough.  Acute bronchitis lasts 3 to 10 days and chronic bronchitis can last for weeks.  Sorry to say.  This talks about chronic bronchitis.  Inflammation and irritation can last a good bit of time, making the bronchitis chronic or long term.  https://medlineplus.gov/chronicbronchitis.html  There are various treatments but lots of the same of which you've already been on. Antibiotics.  Inhalers.  And if you smoke, quit.  You WILL heal.  I had this and at about the 2 month point after, it get better.  If it doesn't, get screened again for why.  
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