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Worried about strange PFT results - I'm 33

Hi!  My pft results are strange - I am a 33 yo WM nonsmoker with Hashimotos thyroiditis.  Here are my main results:

FVC:  85%
FEV1:  81%
FEV1/FVC:  (77) 94%
FEF 25-75%:  67%
MVV:  99%
RV:  138%
TLC:  115%
RV/TLC:  123%

DL/VA:  75%
VA:  112%

There was not much improvement post-bronch.  The doctor ordered these tests after observing my SpO2 dropped when sitting down (to around 91-91) but rises to 97-98 when walking (what can cause this?).  It should be noted I had a sleep study done for suspected Central Sleep Apnea and we should be getting those results in a few days.  

In addition, I developed lower lobe atelectasis after a minor surgical procedure about 3 weeks before the PFT and had blue/white hands for 4 days after surgery when off oxygen with a SpO2 around 84% without O2 and 95% with O2 (they kept me in the hospital 3 days because this until it resolved).  Should I be concerned about AAT deficiency causing early COPD or could the atelectasis be skewing these results even though it had been 3 weeks and I was not having any other symptoms?  The DLCO is low but there is air trapping.  Any thoughts?  I seem young to be having these PFT results.  

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You definitely need to talk with a lung specialist about your pulmonary function tests (PFTs) results.  The DLCO is just below the lower limit of the normal range.  The findings show air trapping.  However there is no sign of airflow obstruction, as would be seen with COPD due to AAT deficiency.  The blood oxygen change you describe suggests the persistence of lower lobe atelectasis.

Most importantly, given this possibility, these PFTs results should not be interpreted as indicative of any lung disease.  They should be repeated at a later date when your lung function is deemed to have stabilized.
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Look ok to me.
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