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acute mid upper torso pain

Hi, in the last couple of days i have experienced really sharp and acute stabbing pains leading from my right side under my rib cage and continues up between my shoulder blades. there is no pain as long as i keep still but as soon as i make a movement with my arms or try to turn my upper body , i get gripping pains in the way i described. I have no other symptoms other than very loose stools which has been going on for some time and become noticable and a bit unusually tired quite early in the day. the pains tend to shoot from my right side and up my back. Could it be muscular or otherwise? Breathing shallow or deep does not produce the pains. sudden movement of my upper body create excrusiating pains. Please help. thank you
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The worsening pain with movement, and not respiration, suggests a musculoskeletal cause or neurogenic cause, associated with nerve compression or inflammation.  If nerve compression, it could be peripheral or at the nerve roots, where the nerves emerge from the bony spine.  If inflammatory, the pain could be the first sign of herpes zoster, commonly called shingles.

Pain due to gallbladder disease often radiates up to the right shoulder blade.  To my knowledge that is not influenced by sudden movement, as you describe, but it is possible that pain originating at the lower rib cage could radiate to your back.

You should definitely arrange to see your doctor to be examined and, at minimum, have a chest x-ray.

Hope this helps.

Good luck.
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I'm no doctor,  but I can almost guarantee you they will tell you this is musculoskeletal pain... you may possible need some images taken of you spine,  but hopefully a chest xray to start
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