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acute pain while inhaling

I  feel pain while breathing in. It starts all of a sudden and stays for few seconds, and i can only take short and small amount on air in, this makes the pain bearable, but when inhaling deep, i feel like  something pinching or blocking my inside and breathing becomes a problem.. I have had this problem for more than 6 years now, but it only happend twice or thrice a year, but lately i m having them every 2 to 3 hrs..  
All i have understood that is happens out of nowhere and binders my breathing, more like it makes it impossible to breathe, and i some how manage by taking small amount  air in, coz i think when my lungs  expand with  air  it hurts or may be breathing in large amount of air hurts...
I have done couple of x rays but everything seems fine..
Please help.
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What you describe suggests chronic inflammation of one or more of the intercostal nerves, which are the nerves that course along the bottom edge of each rib, or chronic inflammation of the pleural surface of the lung called pleurisy.  After the long period of 6 years, the latter should be evident on chest x-ray, but a CT scan of the lungs might be required to demonstrate it.  Most commonly, the former, intercostal nerve irritation, usually results from something compressing or stretching of the nerve(s).  You should request consultation with a pulmonologist.

When the problem resides with the intercostal nerves, injection of the nerve with a substance that will render the nerve non-functional, is an option.  This type of procedure is most often performed by an anesthesiologist, who specializes in pain control.

Good luck.
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Hi, Thank you so much for the response, well i forgot to mention  any thing about myself. I am a 25 years old woman and  i do suffer from sinus. I got a bit worried as the pain is only on the left side of my chest. I am getting use to the pain these days, but sometimes its unbearable.  

And about being tensed, i am a bit over emotional and hyper at times, i have had panic attack once, that too caused breathing problem.

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