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air born disease? is tuberculosis spread through sharing air space?

the other day i was playing basketball with this freaky guy and it seemed like he had some problem breathing. he was extremely skinny like i could see his bones. he smelled like alcohol like some kind of medicine and he couldnt breath through his lungs he was breathing through his nose. he was breathing on me pretty heavy which is the reason why i'm concerned here. my question is is it possible that i got some kind of lung disease from this guy? so if this guy had anylung disease is it possible that i got any kind of lung disease from him?
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how come i'm not getting any responds? is there anyone out there that could answer this question? this is a really big bleak.
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TB is airborne which means if an infected person coughs and you inhale the particles you could get it but I wouldn't obsess about it.  If you are healthy your defense system can fight many things you are exposed to.  The symptoms would not be immediate.  He may have another disease which makes him extremely thin such as:  HIV, chronic cirrhosis, chronic pancreatitis, chronic lung disease, cancer etc...  It is hard to say but there are many possibilities.  
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i'm not obsessed with this whole tb thing was just in bleak for a minute until you gave me all these great infomations thank you keep up the good work !
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