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apena - hypopnea index

hello everybody! i was just told (after almost 2 years after my sleep study) that my o2 level was 73% and my index was 5.3. I feel so tired all the time and now (last nov) developed a bad cough and can't shake it. i'm worried because as i understand it i stop breathing 42.3 times in an 8 hr period. is this correct or did i misunderstand it? they also warned me aboout heart attacks. any answers will be a big help...i'm afraid to sleep!!!

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Hi, first of all that was such a long time to have to wait before you were given results!!!! If your apnoea-hypopnoea index is 5.3 then this is just borderline for mild sleep apnoea. stopping breathing 42 times in an 8 hr period may well be right but what is important is the times per hour. If you have untreated sleep issues it can put you at higher risk of cardiovascular issues. The main things you can do to try to address this problem include: weight loss ( if you are overweight)
lifestyle changes e.g reduce caffeine and alcohol intake, reduce stress levels, look at sleep hygiene ( what time you go to bed at, make sure you have routine, dont watch tv til the early hours of the morning etc. )
I have worked in a sleep lab for 11 years and this is what we recommend for our patients.

Hope some of these things help.
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I'm also suffering from sleep apnea and feeling tired always- is there anything you do that helps?
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I'm trying cardio and weight lifting, it seems that weight loss may help- my AHI is much worse than yours and all my blood levels are screwed up
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It has! Thank you!
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