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asthma and bronchiectasis

I am a 30-year-old working woman.. I suffered multiple chest infections at childhood and was diagnosed with asthma at 18 years. I had multiple hospitalizations and acute crisis with asthma and was on high dose IV, oral, inhaled and nebulized steroids, bronchodilators and other medicines. A recent CT scan detected emphysematous and bronchiectatic  changes in both lungs. I have never smoked but have been exposed to second hand smoke.

Now I suffer from shortness of breath and easy exhaustion.
My question is

Can asthma cause long term structural damage to the lungs?

Although I have never smoked how can I have emphysema t such a young age?

Is emphysema and bronchiectasis progressive?

Now I  am taking 4 puffs of Seroflo 250  twice daily and salbutamol SOS.
Doctor had given me Tiotropium bromide, which gave me good relief from SOB, but I was averse to having it since I thought it was only meant for the COPD patients and insisted so stopping it. Will it be a good idea to ask my doctor about starting it again?

What can I do to reduce the SOB and enhance my energy level?
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