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The Dr just diagnosed my 6 yr old son with RAD. He has had a bad cough,coughing up blood, and coughing so hard that he vomits. Is this commin with RAD, and what can I do in my house to make this better?
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That poor kid! He must have quite a bit of inflammation to cough like he does. Does his doctor know about the blood? (Is it streaked in his phlegm or is it frank blood...if it is frank blood then issues other than inflammation need to be considered and warrants a call right away to his doc). I honestly think that he needs better control...maybe his doctor can refer him to an allergist as well, a pulmonologist wouldn't hurt either to get his asthma under control. An allergist would be able to identify what your son is allergic to through testing. Once the offending allergens are identified, then you will know what to avoid.

What meds is he on right now? BTW, I am not a doctor, just a former RN who has asthma along with a slew of other problems. Always talk to your doctor about any concerns, what I say is out of experience both personal and professional.

As far as your house...if you have carpeting, do everything you can to remove them. They harbor many toxins and dust and are more trouble than they are worth. If getting rid of them isn't an option, frequent vacuuming needs to be done to keep them as clean as possible.

His room should not have too many stuffed animals, they also hold onto dust like magnets and are hard to clean. Ditch any rugs that are in his room. His sheets and blankets should be washed in hot water, not warm frequently. There are allergy free mattress pads that are in supermarkets that might help as well. Mattresses hold tons of mites and dust, the mattress pad acts as a shield.

There are also filters that can be used in your home, I don't have one but know of a few people who do have them. They vary in price and effectiveness. Some swear by it...run it by his doctor to see if he thinks that one might benefit him.

I personally have troubles with noxious chemicals too, especially those that are used for cleaning. Pine Sol makes my lungs clamp right up, perhaps using home made cleaning solutions might be better for your son as well. You just never know what is in the commercially made ones. I do use bleach but in a very reduced solution. Vinegar is also a great disinfectant and good for windows. Ammonia also is a no no with me....so no Windex for me.

I could go on and on...please let me know if you have any more questions. I will be happy to help. I hope that your son's RAD gets under better control.
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Thank you very much. His Dr. does know about the blood, and yes it is bright red and usually mixed with phlem. My older son had asthma when he was younger and grew out of it but he never coughed up blood or vomited. That is why it worries more with the youngest cause his symptoms are so different, and are lasting alot longer, he has been this way for 3 weeks.
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I know that with severe coughing, I will gag and vomit. This is probably what is happening to your boy. Most of his vomit is probably mucous, right? I sometimes cough until I turn purple as well with a severe attack. Poor guy...3 weeks is a long time to be like this without relief. I sure hope his docs come up with something that will decrease his cough some. He just sounds so irritated, unfortunately with irritation there is coughing, alot of it.
I sure hope his docs are being aggressive with him, like I said, 3 weeks is too long.
Keeping you in my thoughts,
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