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calcified pleural plaques

I was a welder for 37 years...when I was young and in the navy I almost dailly worked with asbestos...I now have calcified pleural plaques in my right lung. I started having breathing problems almost 2 years ago .I was short of breath all the time alot of rib pain and abdominal discomfort..Then a c/t scan showed the plaques...My lung function has dropped alot in the past year..the DRs keep saying its asthma and copd nothing gives meany relief especialy the DRS...They said that because it isnt bi lateral that i'm not sick....ANY SUGGESTION
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Dont want to sound like a **** but maybe the best thing is run and smoke weed. running helps the lungs and weed smoke is hot and will aleeve your pain and make you cough up flem alot more which cant be too bad for bad lungs unless coughing is a pain for you. Cause if your dont cough you dont get off. for weed that is.  Look at michael phelps olympic swimmer  how can he smoke a bowl of weed and still be the best???? I know  lol. Try it out if you can or are sure you wont collapse a lung.
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Sorry to hear of your problem.

Because you were exposed to asbestos, your lung problem is highly likely to be caused by that.  When asbestos is inhaled (breathed in), the very fine pointed particles get into the alveoli and get stuck in there.  The alveoli are the final branches of the respiratory tree and act as the primary gas exchange units of the lung.

You cannot breathe out or cough out the asbestos fibres once they are in the alveoli.  Smoking weed and coughing your guts out as suggested by Nhlfreak will do no good whatsoever and will not help.  In fact smoking weed or anything will reduce lung function further.   Inhaling any type of smoke reduces the lung function and by smoking 1 cigarette you are pumping your body with 92 carcinogens.

My advice is for you to see a lung specialist and one that knows about asbestosis.   Asbestosis is a very serious and long lasting condition which can lead to Mesothelioma.

Keep a record of all your lung problems, when and where you were exposed to the asbestos and for how long, and how your condition has been as is at the present time and how you feel every day.

I do know of a gentleman that died from mesothelioma due to exposure to asbestos in his workplace and his wife also died some years later due to the same problem.  She got exposed to the asbestos fibres by washing her husband's overalls.

Hope you manage to find the right professional to help you.

Best wishes.
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