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can not seeking medical help be THAT detrimental?

i posted a question a few days ago, but i realized i didnt word my symptoms quite right. i am prone to allergies and sinus infection, but in the past, i have had medical insurance, so i was able to get medication to help me with the pain. however, i am unable to see a physician this time. it started about a month and a half ago when i got the flu. everything was routine, and i felt great after about a week. but just these past 3-3 1/2 weeks, my symptoms have come back and worsened with each day. i go from stuffy to runny. when i lay down, my nose becomes completely blocked, so much to the point where i wake up because i cant breathe. just this past two weeks things got worse. i know i have a sinus infection that has led to ear infections. but this past week and a half i have been blowing out blood from my nose every time i blow my nose. it doesnt run blood like a normal nose bleed though. also, i have been blowing out fairly large "chunks" of god knows what when i blow my nose. i thought it was just normal mucus, but it is fairly hard and is always bloody. it actually hurts when i blow it out. some peices have been a little larger than a nickel, but usually pea size. also, one morning i woke up to dried blood in my ears. to top it off, when my congestion gets really bad, i get so much pressure in my head that i experience migraine symptoms and my teeth become sore?? also at times i get nauseous, i think its from swallowing blood when i sniffle, not sure. but i have lost appetite due to not being able to taste or smell much. i have tried all the otc medications, teas, vapor plugs, humidifiers, vitamins, nasal rinses and nothing seems to be working. some days i feel great, some i feel horrible. but it seems my symptoms are worse at night. i am always tired because i dont sleep properly. i have tried sleeping in chairs and upright, but i always end up laying down then eventually waking myself up. i really dont  have the money to go to the dr. or er. so any advice would be greatly appreciated. if time will get this out of me, i am willing to wait. i just want to be sure that i am not endangering my life by not seeking medical help. i appreciate any help from anyone who suffers any of my symptoms. thank you for your time
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